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When you need to upgrade the headlight, maybe halogen to HID or halogen to LED, you will want to ask whether my headlight equipment... Projector VS Reflector, Which is Better for Headlight?

TIM图片20170707181906When you need to upgrade the headlight, maybe halogen to HID or halogen to LED, you will want to ask whether my headlight equipment can make the upgrading lights working better than before, and how. It depends on not only the bulbs but also the light housing.

Now some vehicles headlights not only using one kind housing to distribute light. Old automobiles mostly use reflector housing to reflect lights. Then projector lens appears. Now some automobile builders apply them together in one headlight to make headlight. So now, we need to figure out which is better and fit which part better.

Reflector: light reflects from the circular surface directly outwards in one direction. The light will distribute in many different angles as in halogen bulbs. Though the light source is ample, but not every light is directed in the right direction and will be reflected either too far up or down, influencing the driver visibility.

Projector Lens: light needs to be projected through an elliptical which can unify the light direction. So using projector lens can provide better lighting as the lighting is strongly controlled by the lens. Also, the projector lens has the light cut-off, which can block the waste light source and provide more light pointing directly to the right direction.


Advantages & Disadvantage of the Reflector Headlight

Advantage: simple design, cost less to the manufacture


  • Light output is hard to controlled and the low beam cut off is blur
  • Most reflector headlights with halogen bulbs can light up wider but less high than projector headlights
  • Light beam pattern will have some intense and weak spots.


Advantages & Disadvantage of the Projector Headlights


  • The light will not have any intense or weak spots.
  • The Clear cutoff for low beam, projector headlight can handle HID and make it brighter.
  • Projectors look better in appearance


The light output is different from the reflector. The light will be more pencil beam.


HID will be better in projector housing and also the beam pattern for LED is better. But if you need some flood beam light, you can still stick on reflector headlight housing.All in all, when retrofit headlight and headlight housing, you need to see which you prefer and then do it.


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