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Many vehicles will have Daytime Running Lights (DRL) as to light up at day time. But some of us do not know the difference... Questions about DRL/High Beam

Many vehicles will have Daytime Running Lights (DRL) as to light up at day time. But some of us do not know the difference between DRL, high beam and low beam. The daytime running light is implemented by operating low beam or fog lights at a full or reduced intensity or by operating high beam at 50% normal intensity. Drawing only 6-9V, the daytime running lights normally use yellow or amber colors, so some people would not like the yellow light.

picture_php_pictureid_414422_d1a3c53e924ecdc787712d5d30d271d2dfa29226When you decide to upgrade your high beam and low beam, you need to check whether your DRL is using the same bulb for which light. As most LED or HID headlight bulbs are mainly made for the headlight, not daytime running lights, they may not fit in the daytime running light modes. So some problems may happen.



  1. After you reinstall the LED/HID bulbs, they light up but there is a warning on the dashboard.
  2. The LED/HID bulbs light up but flicker in DRL mode from time to time.
  3. Both LEDs/HIDs operate full power in high beam mode.
  4. DRL can work but high beam becomes dim after changing LEDs/HIDs.
  5. When one side of the LED/HID bulb is installed, the LED one will light up but the factory Halogen bulbs will not.
  6. Neither of the bulbs lights up after changing into LEDs/HIDs


12648147_501439290034012_992266748_nAll these questions may happen on any vehicles. The solution is that you need a pair of decoders to avoid the error happen. But in fact, after searching for many websites, we find out that different car models need different decoders. Auxbeam now does not have that kind of decoders. You can ask our sales service before placing orders and we will make it fit for most vehicles in the futures.

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