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Interested in learning more about the essentials in customizing your Jeep? Then we have got you covered – our three-fold guide is easy for... Running Boards—A Must Have for Custom Jeep

Interested in learning more about the essentials in customizing your Jeep? Then we have got you covered – our three-fold guide is easy for those who want to learn about this topic. Join us as we run through the importance of Running Boards, why they differ from other products on the market and how you can effectively install them for your perfect custom Jeep.

Running Boards: The Basics

What are Running Boards?

running boardsIf you’re a beginner in this category, then we can make it simple. Running Boards are essentially used to provide a wide surface area to safely descend from your custom Jeep or truck. Positioned on the underside of the vehicle, Running Boards are a customizable product to create a step that changes the hard to reach the height that is so common in these vehicles. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re climbing a steep slope each time you go out for a ride. Then you should seriously consider the simple add-on of Running Boards to make that journey a bit easier.

The added benefits of Running Boards are not to be ignored as when deciding on how to customize your Jeep, the basics should always be covered first. Running Boards not only allow ease of access but they also protect the vehicle from road debris as an assistive function.

Which Should You Choose?

Building a custom Jeep is great maintenance for your initial investment. Much like a household doormat which protects the interior of a home, Running Boards can prevent outside dirt from spreading elsewhere. In this sense, the Running Board product offers a variety of material options from the higher end Diamond-plate steel to the affordable rubber accessory. The versatility of these options gives the owner greater control to customize their vehicle to whatever standard or taste they desire. After customization is about enhancing an existing product so that it is as personalized as possible.

It is helpful to note that the more you invest in your Running Boards the longer lifespan they will have. Whilst some Running Boards don’t have this feature, premium Running Boards offer an inbuilt grip system which increases the traction for the frequent climbing action. We suggest you splash a little more cash to choose Running Boards which offer this feature as this is a product that is commonly used and has a great cost per use. This addition does have an aesthetic appeal but it is also a basic, functional customization that will greatly improve your experience whilst using your custom Jeep.

Spot the Difference

nerf bar-custom jeepRunning Boards vs Nerf Bars

Whilst the offering of Running Boards has got you covered from every angle, Nerf Bars only protect the surface area of each entry point or door.

This decreased surface area means the loss of the added damage prevention that the Running Boards possess. So, whilst you may have been researching for the obvious customization product with the sole desire to gain some step assistance, the unforeseen positives of Running Boards may sway your decision away from the simplest variety.

As we always suggest in any aspect of customization for your Jeep, investment into quality, long lasting products is always the way to go. With Running Boards, you commit to a more secure fitting frame that is less likely to need replacing on a short-term basis.

Running Boards vs Side Steps

side step-custom jeepThe Side Step option is again a smaller addition to your SUV or custom Jeep. Perhaps the only reason for picking this product is to create a subtler look that doesn’t impact the original aesthetic of your vehicle. However, with so many Running Boards to choose from on the market, we don’t see the problem. Customizing your Jeep should always be about having fun with your assets and using every opportunity to transform the appearance towards a better-suited look that appeals to you.

If you love making modifications in your spare time, then choose a Running Board to install. If you’re still undecided you can take a look at our visual comparison in the chart below.

Running Boards Nerf Bars Side Steps
Step Assistance High High High
Damage Protection High Moderate Low
Pricing Variation High High High
Aesthetic Variation High Moderate Low
Product Durability High Moderate Moderate


As you can tell, all available options successfully assist with the primary function of this modification to your custom Jeep. But, if you’re looking for a multifunctional product that can be catered to your specific needs, then Running Boards are a great option.

A Step in the Right Direction

running boards--custom jeepEasy and Effective Installation

Once you’ve opted for the Running Boards feature, all that is left to do is learn how to effectively install the feature and it’s easier than you think. Whilst you can decide to let a mechanic handle this section, there’s really no need to spend the extra cash on this.

Following a few simple instructions will allow you to personally customize your Jeep whilst getting to know your vehicle a little bit better.

Suggested Equipment

If you’re a fan of making modifications to your Jeep on a regular basis, you shouldn’t need anything too out of the ordinary to perform this task. Make sure you have handy:

  • Box End Wrenches
  • Ratchet and Socket Set
  • Creeper

A basic set up allows you to begin right away. A step we haven’t bothered to include as we suggest you do this before you check out is cross-referencing the product you have bought with the specifications of your vehicle. Most suppliers offer useful info on any credible product listing, so this shouldn’t be a major issue.

  1. Install

Firstly, install the necessary hardware to mount your Running Boards brackets.

  1. Aligncustom jeep

Before tightening the product, align the brackets where they should eventually be placed. This is to make sure that they are placed correctly and sit ready for any adjustments.

  1. Tighten

Once you’re certain that the area is ready for installation and the brackets are fitted correctly, you can go ahead and tighten the brackets to your vehicle with the rest of the provided hardware.

  1. Inspect

Double check your work and make sure the Running Boards are securely attached for ease of access to your vehicle.

The minimal effort required to install Running Boards when customizing your Jeep is a simple step to a well-equipped vehicle. This is great for beginners who are just starting to make modifications and want to see a practical difference with their work.

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