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The major cause of motor vehicle accidents is poor visibility. Roads with poor lighting conditions or the absence of it are a cause of... Secret of LED Lights in Different Rows

The major cause of motor vehicle accidents is poor visibility. Roads with poor lighting conditions or the absence of it are a cause of concern for drivers, especially the professional drivers, who regularly drive their vehicles in all weather conditions and often at night. The fall season makes it even worse with fog and snow decreasing the visual range further. Vehicle running on highways are much affected by insufficient lighting. Adding extra LED lights seems important for every vehicle. There are many different types of led lights that can be added on vehicles, like LED light bar, led headlight bulbs, led replacement fog lights.

Origin of LED Lights

led lightsWhile the inbuilt high beam bulbs were enough for normal conditions, it was unable to guide through rough weathers. So, high-intensity fog lamps were introduced specifically to increase the visibility, along with the inbuilt bulbs. The technology used for high beam inbuilt bulbs were of incandescent type while the high-intensity fog lamps were of halogen ones. The major drawback, however, was that they consumed more power and drying the batteries more, thus reducing battery life. Keeping these things in mind, scientists began searching for alternatives in lighting. Their research was fruitful and they invented LED lights.

Light emitting diodes, abbreviated as LED, were low power consuming devices while giving more illumination per watt of power. With advancing technology, LED lights became much smaller in size, efficient, and were offering more life compared to their counterparts. They became affordable and popular with all kinds of lighting, vehicular lighting, home lighting, and street lightings. In fact, vehicle manufacturers developed different types of led lights which fit in different parts of the vehicle. LED lights consume about 15% of the power and give the same amount of light compared to incandescent bulbs. Their lifespan is in the order of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. These days, LED light bars, with individual LEDs arranged in row/s, are used in vehicles and other commercial lightings. We will know what led light bars have to offer, how many types and their usages below.

Why Adding LED Lights

The advantages of LED lights make them the best choice for lighting. It is difficult to manufacture a single LED with a high wattage because of heat dissipation issues and high failure rate along with the high cost attached to it. Low-power LEDs arranged in rows and columns and then interconnected to obtain the desired amount of light came as a solution.

This arrangement, called LED light bars, came into existence since it is easier to manufacture low-power LEDs in bulk and then connecting them with each other. Light bars nowadays are used in vehicles in place of fog lamps which illuminate better and are less power hungry. Also, they can withstand shakes and quakes far more effectively than the older ones. Their durability is also good and they work in all weather conditions as they are almost waterproof and dustproof. LED light bars are fitted in different rows so the light bars in different rows can give out different types of light.

Different Light Bars in Different Rows.

There are different combinations of rows and columns that LEDs can be arranged to get the desired quantity of lighting. There are different types of light bars based on their configuration. They are classified as single row led light bar, double row led light bar and triple row light bars based on their configuration. As their configuration applied, single row LED light bar is arranged in one row; dual row light bars in two rows and the triple row light bars three rows. The columns, however, are dependent on the required amount of light.

The differences between each type of classification are not just limited the configuration of light placements. The single row LED light bar takes much less space than the other two. Triple row light bars are bigger than the above two but also give more light in comparison. The single row light bar is mainly straight shaped.

The Application of Each Type of Light Bar

Single Row LED Light Bar

led lightsLike the small size, single row led light bar can fit in many different places on the vehicles. Some people love to add an LED light bar on the hidden bumper and the single row LED light bar can perfectly fit in such narrow space. Adding the single row LED light bar on the hidden bumper can use the light bar to light up the road clearly in the front and it will not glare the oncoming vehicles when installing very low.

Also, the hood is also the best place for adding a single row LED light bar. If you choose the dual row or triple row light bar, the brackets may probably not withstand the weight of the light bar. Adding the single row LED light bar would be better because the single row light bar might be lighter than those two types of light bar even in the same size. Moreover, the UTV lovers may prefer installing the single row LED light bar. Due to the light weight and the thin size, the single row LED light bar would fit the UTV on the windshield rather than the dual row and triple row light bar.

Dual Row & Triple Row LED Light Bar

As a matter of fact, dual row and triple row light bar can be used in almost the same place as the vehicle. Dual row LED light bars are a common type of LED lights that everyone will think of this type of lighting when they want to modify. Dual row LED light bar can be installed on the grille guard, front and rear bumper, windshield mount, etc. Where the place is enough, you can add the dual row light bar there.

As for the triple row light bar, the installation place might be almost the same as the dual row light bar. Yet, the triple row light bar would be much brighter than the dual row light bar in the same size. So when you need ultra bright, you can add the triple row light bar on the windshield. It might be the best place for the triple row light bar.

Auxbeam Ultra-Thin Series

single row led light barAuxbeam recently has released the new single row LED light bar type—Ultra-Thin Series, which is the ultra-thin variant and can fit in a small space. There are mainly three sizes in this series—11inch, 21 inch and 31inch. Designed in spot beam with the convex lens, this single row LED light bar can give out a high bright light in longer irradiation distance while consuming less power. The lens is made of toughened glass to give ruggedness and durability. Their lifetime is 30,000 hours and above.

The Ultra-Thin Series uses vertical fin design for better heat dissipation. These are IP67 rated to protect against dust and water. The aluminum housing is corrosion resistant. Operated on a wide range of voltages from 9V to 32V, the working temperature ranges between -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. These new single row LED light bars come with mounting and a set of screws. They are easy to fix and give trouble-free service.


LED lights are very useful for vehicle driving. While choosing the LED light bars, you can first think of the light bar rows before purchasing. Auxbeam Ultra-Thin series would be an option for you. If you are interested in LED lights and vehicle modifications, please read on to know more.


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