Foggy day is considered to be the most dangerous weather for driving, especially the severe inclement weather that is compounded with fog, snow, or some other substance that reduces visibility. Fog conditions often cause a lot of traffic accident. Here, I can give you some tips to reduce your risk of a crash.


Safe driving

The next one, make sure you stay in the safest position. Drivers are typically attracted to lights, and subconsciously, will steer toward lights. So it is a good idea to follow the lines on the road with your eyes, which can ensure you stay in the lane. Moreover, you have to increase your following distance. Most drivers tend to “bunch up” during foggy conditions because they feel it is easier to see. Driving in fog is scary, but now is not the time to follow too close. That’s one of the big reasons massive pile-up’s occur.

The last one, you can find a suitable place to park your car until the fog lifts. Sometimes, foggy conditions become too thick to drive safely. If you find that you’re exceeding your comfort zone, it might be best to stop your car. Try to get as far off the road as possible. Pull into a driveway, parking lot, rest area, side street, or any other place where you can get away from heavy traffic flow. Dense fog usually doesn’t last a long time. The fog may not completely go away, but stopping for a while should buy you some time and allow the fog to lift a bit.