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You may hear of Auxbeam Lighting, or you may not. Auxbeam Lighting is an LED lighting manufacturer that provides a high quality LED light... Something You May Not Know About Auxbeam

AUXBEAM logoYou may hear of Auxbeam Lighting, or you may not. Auxbeam Lighting is an LED lighting manufacturer that provides a high quality LED light bar with affordable price. Not like some manufacturers that provide cheap products with fake LED chips and poor making housing, Auxbeam always sticks to the products quality. Here may be some questions that some people may have for Auxbeam lighting.


  1. Do your products use genuine CREE, PHILIPS, OSRAM LED chips?11

This questions would definitely be YES. All the LED chips are genuine CREE, PHILIPS, OSRAM LED chips that you can just dismantle the light and check the LED chips inside the light. We guarantee all our LED chips are made of famous brands, but someone once ask us about that CREE has introduced some new types of LED chips that can give out over 300lm for just one wattage, but why do our website still announce that our CREE can just give out 100lm for one wattage? To be honest, if we use that new types of CREE LED chips for each light bar, can all the people afford to buy one light bar? The answer might be just NO. As our goal is to let anyone afford to buy at least one light bar from us, we can just use old types of LED chips. However, we guarantee them all genuine.

  1. Are your light bars really waterproof?

All our products are marked IP67 or even IP68. This is a standardized method to measure solid particle (the first number (6)) and the liquid (the second number (7)) penetration resistance. In this case, 6 is the highest level of resistance to solid particles, which means dust-proof. 7 is the second highest level, but not considering the submarine, so it is the highest practical level you should pay, which means that these lights can stand being flooded less than 3.2 feet deep water for 30 minutes without damage. Our products are soaked in water for over 30min after they have been made. And our reviewer has also made some extreme test on our light bar for waterproof, shockproof…


  1. How is your parcel boxing? Will my light bar received broken?

All our light bar are packed in a good protection. With many foams protecting the light bar, the light bar will not break even throwing. For the wiring harness, we used other package bags which can separately protect the wirings and also protect the light bar from scratching. Facts speak louder than words. Our customer has made a video for us in the process about our light bar unboxing. You can know more from this video.

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