Recently, I found some special modifications on Youtube video using Auxbeam lightings. Wow, our reviewers and customers are really geniuses to innovate. So here I will tell you one of the special modification I found.

Some may know about U7 Motorcycle light. It is a spot LED light including high beam, low beam, and Flashing modes. And what made this light cool, is that the high beam, low beam, and flashing modes are in different colors. When the high beam and low beam is on, you can see the angel eye and devil eye lighting on together.


As a matter of fact, not every vehicle can do this modification as they need to do some change on their headlights. Now some headlight assemblies are assembled together, but you can still change the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. Also, Auxbeam has a pack of 4 pcs halo ring if you really want to add angel eye to your vehicles. They are easy to get installed. Subscribe Auxbeam newsletter and check our website for more new arrival products and recent discount and sales. You can get what you want at Auxbeam.