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LED Conversion Article
May 10, 2016


Jeep wrangler

Hey guys, Tom from How to Wrangler here. Today I want to discuss transforming the look and more importantly the performance of your Jeep Wrangler JK lighting. As you may or may not know the standard Jeep lighting package consists of a halogen and tungsten bulb system. These are both “bulb” based lighting which is quickly becoming antiquated technology.

Bulbs are fragile, they contain filaments and gases. They also produce a more amber light spectrum. The Kelvin Scale is a grading system for the temperature of a light source that?


Auxbeam Lighting


 “When it comes
to lighting up
the road in
 front of me, I
would much
prefer bright
daylight to a
reading lamp!”



ranges from 1,000k to 10,000k. Halogen lights fall around 3,000k and incandescent light is around 2,800k, both are on the amber end of the spectrum. LED’s on the other hand are about 5,500k and direct sunlight is about 4,800-6,000k. What this means is that the light beam produced from LED lights is much closer to daylight, while halogen is closer to your evening house light. When it comes to lighting up the road in front of me, I would much prefer bright daylight to a reading lamp!

Auxbeam’s 7 inch LED driving light (https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/driving-light/7-inch-driving-light/70018475) is a very high quality LED headlight and a great value. They are extremely durable and easy to install.

And don’t forget your fog lights! Fog lights are positioned low in the front of the Jeep to cut under the fog and light up the road, but also can aid in lighting up the road in very dark conditions. Auxbeams LED Fog lights (https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/70018474) are much more durable than the OEM, and are very easy to install.

Lets run through the installation of the LED headlights and LED fog lights now.

– – – Here is where I would enter screenshots from the video and description of the install – – –

While headlights lighting up the road ahead of you are extremely important, equally important is signaling other drivers on the road of your intended driving maneuvers. Just like how LED headlights light up the road significantly better, LED turn signals and brake lights are much brighter and clearer for other drivers.

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