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Maintenance of car lamps
The timely maintenance of driving lights is very important for comfort and safety. Without getting informed, it is hard for drivers on the road to be aware of the breakdown of headlights, turning lights and taillights. “There is something wrong with my car.” It is not limited to burning out lamps,... Read more
Flood beam LED light bar of 500 meters irradiation
The product of 4”LED light bar made by Auxbeam piled into the market this year with its unique strength on long beam distance and high brightness. With 3000 lumens, the light bar has a power of only 30W, which means the 6 LEDs of 5 watts are as superior... Read more
What are light languages?
With the lighthouse in front, at night the crew can easily reach the right harbor. For them, the beacon light means ease and home. But have you ever notice that driving lights also have special meanings? Here are some conventional light languages concluded by a driver of 10 years’... Read more
LED driving lights without dazzling glare
When you are walking or driving on the road at night, the street lamps may make you feel safe and bright. But is that enough? Maybe we feel like having more warmness and courtesy from the oncoming cars. However, what if the oncoming car has an intense headlight to... Read more
What’s the difference between driving lights and fog lights?
In today’s society, life is full of work, school, and responsibilities. By the end of the day, drivers may be so weary that they have difficulty focusing on the little details, such as which lights they should turn on for different types of weather or road conditions. Some types... Read more