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Pod Lights—Small Modification, Big Change
LED automotive lights in the shape of a bar are something we got used to long ago. LED pod lights belong to another type of lights. They are usually cubic and have already become incredibly popular for a great range of applications. These lights are often a better choice... Read more
How to Choose the Best Fog Light Bulbs
All vehicles come installed with headlights. However, not all vehicles come installed with perfect fog light and most drivers tend to install them as a personal safety measure. Fog light has a unique narrow and flat beam and is placed near the bumper. They also have a separate switch... Read more
Benefits of the Vehicle Fog Light
Unless you are hosting some holiday parties, chances are you’ll hit the road in the next few days. At that time, the best option is to get away from the traffic jams and look for alternate schedules to get you where you need to. It means it might be... Read more
Some Tips For Driving In Fog
Foggy day is considered to be the most dangerous weather for driving, especially the severe inclement weather that is compounded with fog, snow, or some other substance that reduces visibility. Fog conditions often cause a lot of traffic accident. Here, I can give you some tips to reduce your... Read more
What’s the difference between driving lights and fog lights?
In today’s society, life is full of work, school, and responsibilities. By the end of the day, drivers may be so weary that they have difficulty focusing on the little details, such as which lights they should turn on for different types of weather or road conditions. Some types... Read more