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Review on Auxbeam Must Have Products
This is written by Auxbeam huge fans Graylin Locklear. I’ve always been an avid Auxbeam supporter. Ever since my Jeep JK installed with their LED headlights, and multiple products, I have driven safely at night. So, of course, I had to have them in my new f250, as well.... Read more
What is the difference between the types of light patterns?
Basically, we have 5 types of light patterns: Fog, driving, spot, flood and combo? Fog: Fog lights provide a low, wide-angle light pattern to increase short-range visibility. Both amber and clear fog lights are suitable. Amber, while not penetrating, is more visible to approaching vehicles. They are intended to... Read more
What good are fog lights, really?
Many of today’s vehicles have front fog lights. What good are they? The quick answer is not much. Even good fog lights, which are relatively rare, are of very limited use to most drivers. To the extent, fog lights should be turned off almost all the time and you... Read more