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How to Make The Best Use of Your Headlight Bulbs
Faulty headlights are one of the things to blame for accidents on the road. Thus, for you to stay away from road accidents or get pulled over by traffic enforcers, you should see to it that your car’s headlight bulbs are in good working order. It’s advisable that you do... Read more
Unique Harley Yamaha headlight plus two modes SSL
Recently many motorcycle headlights have sprung up into the market. The magic of autumn seems to convert more people to ride on their dirt bikes and motorcycles in the windy and cool morning. Yep, bikers driving smoothly in daytime can enjoy sunshine without being exposed to too much rays... Read more
Auxbeam new series Hi-Lo LED headlight with innovative design and super bright
Some Jeep Wrangler owners always complain that the supplied headlights are high energy consumption and have the very poor lighting effects. They need suitable replacement headlights eagerly. Hence, in order to help more such customers, Auxbeam Lighting has released a new series of Hi-Lo LED headlights. It is 7... Read more
7’ Round Headlight Install on Jeep Wrangler
For most vehicles, they were first made with HID headlights for driving. However, due to HID have shorter lifespan and will cause dazzle to the driver right in front, which will cause accident. Also HID needs more time to reach the rated brightness, which really trouble the drivers. In this... Read more
Auxbeam Lighting Has New Arrival Versatile LED Light
Nowadays, as more and more newly produced LED light come into being, vendors want to design more new-styled LED light bar in order to attract customers, so does Auxbeam Lighting. Automobile players prefer to make their vehicles cooler and outstanding. Before, Auxbeam Lighting specialize in producing LED light bars... Read more