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Auxbeam Review: 23inch 126W Cree LED Light Bar on Ford
LED light bars are a super-easy way to add some extra-bright and colorful illumination to your project. Each light bar is essentially made of LED chips, reflectors or projector lens, the circuits of the electricity and the housing. They’re offered in a variety of colors including white, amber, red, blue, and green in... Read more
Auxbeam Review: 7 inch LED Light Bar
LED lights become more and more popular this year. With their good quality and longer lifespan that will beat the HID or Halogen bulbs and become the hottest auxiliary lights source. However, since LED become popular, not every LED light manufacturers will make their products with durable materials, which... Read more
32 inch Auxbeam LED Light Bar Installation Process
Auxiliary lights become pretty popular right now, as more and more off road enthusiasts prefer to do some modifications to their off road lighting systems than using the old, factory lighting system. In years ago, you could just do any modifications to their vehicles in the auto part stores... Read more