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How to install Roof Rack with Anti-theft Lock
Nowadays, people prefer to relax and enjoy their life in weekend or holiday. Some will prefer to drive out to have fun. Thus, when you need to pick up a lot of things but there is no place to put inside the car, the roof maybe a best choice.... Read more
How to Install Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs
Recently, many people would like to make some modifications to their vehicles, and LED headlight bulbs would be their first choice. LED headlight bulbs would be cheaper than light bar and more versatile. Since LED light bars are mainly used for offroad vehicles, sedan would not need to add... Read more
Auxbeam Turn Signal Light Installation
In about the 40s to 50s (maybe a little earlier), turn signal lights may be not necessary. You can drive your offroad on the street with being arrested by the police officers. Because your offroad is either too old to have turn signal lights or just they don’t even... Read more
Installing Review–Auxbeam Flush Mount Lights on Silverado
Most people may think that they need a custom shop build a high-quality sports truck. In fact, there is a trade secrets that you can do your own killer truck through the internet. Yes, you can buy any brand-name modification accessroies at a reasonable price, so they are sent... Read more
Dodge Ram Headlight Modification Installation
Headlight is pretty important for vehicles to light up roads or sometimes can also have the ability be to as fog light, which let drivers see through in foggy days or any inclement weathers. Important as the headlights are, yet, old models of vehicles were equipped with old types... Read more
7inch LED light Bar with Strong Irradiation Power
The product of Auxbeam 7 inch LED light bars have been on market this season with their peculiar strength of long irradiation range. This light bar has two different models; flood beam and spot beam. This type of light bars are all made of Osram LED chips. Osram is a... Read more
50″ Curved LED Light Bar Upper Windshield Mount Installation Instructions
1. Before installing the light bar and brackets, disconnect the positive battery connection. 2. Open the doors, and pull back the weather stripping above the windshield line on both sides. See Photo 1. 3. Put masking tape on the painted surface where the brackets will mount so you do not... Read more
Tips for installing LED lights on your vehicle
Once you’ve decided and purchased your LED lights for your vehicle, it is time to install. Your LED light bar package will come with an Installation Manual. Here are a few preparation tips that you can use to avoid mistakes and to ensure an easy installation: Once you have... Read more