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Auxbeam LED Whip Light Review & Installation
Auxbeam recently got a lot of new products in stock and now we have got some new LED Whip Lights. These new Whip Lights can be installed on many vehicles like trucks, ATV, UTV, motorcycles, SUVs, etc. Places to install are also optional. You can choose whatever place you... Read more
Stock-to-LED JK Lighting Conversion
                                                                                            Tom Delaney How... Read more
How To Install LED Headlights On Jeep Wrangler
In my previous blog, I described in detail LED headlights for Jeep Wrangler. In this blog, I will tell you how to install a LED headlight on Jeep Wrangler. Step 1 Remove the screws and clips holding the front grille in place. Remove the front grille so you can... Read more
Universal LED Headlights With High Quality And Super Brightness
Recently, Auxbeam has released a new product: 7 inch 40W CREE round LED headlight.   The LED headlight contains two piece CREE LEDs of 20W, which can produce 2100lm of luminous flux. It has two working modes, high beam and low beam. The low beam needs upper LED on,... Read more
6 inch 60W CREE Round LED Driving Light For Jeep Wrangler
Auxbeam has produced many kinds of LED lights especially for Jeep Wrangler, such as LED driving light and LED headlight. Recently, we have release one new series product: 6 inch 60W CREE round LED driving light, which is similar to US brand TS3000R model: Speaker. Here, I will introduce... Read more
Auxbeam new series Hi-Lo LED headlight with innovative design and super bright
Some Jeep Wrangler owners always complain that the supplied headlights are high energy consumption and have the very poor lighting effects. They need suitable replacement headlights eagerly. Hence, in order to help more such customers, Auxbeam Lighting has released a new series of Hi-Lo LED headlights. It is 7... Read more