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Best LED Driving Light Review
LED driving lights continue to get better and this is all good news to most if not all car owners. There are many reasons why LED driving lights stand out. For one, they are much brighter than the traditional halogen varieties. They are also designed for multiple driving conditions meaning that... Read more
What Is LED Driving Light ?
LED technology has improved the four-wheel drive way, and absolutely it is a best influence. LEDs has lots of advantages like operating in a cooler temperature, drawing less energy, lasting for a pretty long time and not as fragile as halogen elements, etc. Without annoying warm-up time to get... Read more
6 inch 60W CREE Round LED Driving Light For Jeep Wrangler
Auxbeam has produced many kinds of LED lights especially for Jeep Wrangler, such as LED driving light and LED headlight. Recently, we have release one new series product: 6 inch 60W CREE round LED driving light, which is similar to US brand TS3000R model: Speaker. Here, I will introduce... Read more
New series super bright LED driving light with 2 modes beam
Most of the headlights installed in our vehicles are halogen and HID lights, but they also have very obvious problems, such as insufficient lighting, higher power consumption, etc. Due to the continuous development in recent years, LED lights have been widely used on household lighting and industrial lighting because... Read more
How to measure efficiency of LED driving light?
Most of us know lumen can be used as a measure of brightness. It means the total amount of visible lights from an emitting source, such as a LED lamp, reflecting the sensitivity of human eyes to lights of different wavelengths. American National Standards Institute established a procedure for... Read more
Angel Eyes VS Devil Eyes Lights
Nowadays, many more new types of automobile lights appeared. Plenty of drivers  do not satisfy with the original lights on their vehicles, thus they prefer to make  some modification. People mainly choose to modify HID or LED to replace their  original lights, but still some would like to modify... Read more
How to choose an LED light bar or driving light
If you want to choose the correct LED light for your vehicle, you have to learn more about LED products. Many people think LED light bar has the same illumination effect with the LED driving light. But when you actually install these two kinds of LED lights, you will... Read more