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The Brightest Headlights & The Smallest LED Headlight Bulbs
Headlights are probably one of the most essential safety gadgets in your car. Their importance is even more pronounced when you happen to drive more at night hours. They are one of those necessities that you may not give thought to, well, not until they’re fading or gone. When... Read more
Q & A For the LED Headlight Bulbs
LED headlight bulbs become the best replacement for the factory halogen bulbs. However, when choosing and replacing the LED headlight bulbs, you will find some problems. Yet, do not worry. Let Auxbeam helps you fix that. Why Choosing LED Headlight Bulbs? LED headlight bulbs are known to offer more benefits... Read more
How to Choose the Perfect LED Headlight Bulbs
Introduction Are you finding it difficult to drive at night? Is your headlight bulbs burning out too fast? Choosing the perfect LED headlight bulbs for your car may appear simple but you have to make up your mind on what is important to you before purchasing one. Here is... Read more
HID vs LED–Are LED Headlights really better than HID?
Headlight bulbs become the essential parts of vehicle equipment. Over the years, they have developed into the halogen, high-intensity discharge and led headlights available today. However, why to upgrade HID headlights or halogen headlight bulbs into LED ones? Check the comparison hid vs led to know more about them. How... Read more
Auxbeam Temperature Control LED Headlight Bulbs
Heat is the fatal reason why bulbs will not last long. To avoid changing your bulbs frequently, you’d better purchase some bulbs which have better heat dissipation system. There are three main ways to dissipate heat: cooling fan, the aluminum bulb housing and the copper mesh. Besides those ways... Read more
FAQ for Canbus Drivers of LED Headlight Bulbs
LED headlight bulbs now become really popular replacement kit for any vehicles, since most vehicles can replace their old halogen or HID headlight bulbs with LED ones easily. However, there is still some problems will occur when replacing the headlight bulbs. You may find out when you upgraded the... Read more