led lights

  1. September 07, 2018

    What Are Side Marker Lights?

    When I first heard of side marker lights I wondered, just how many lights do I need for one car? I had previously replaced the bumper lights which my mechanic jokingly told me they don’t exist. He argued you can have many kinds of lights on the…
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  2. August 03, 2018

    2 Rgb Lights Make Your Truck Stand Out

    Different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the choice of lighting for their vehicles. Although LED RGB lights are the most widely used type of lighting,…
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  3. April 27, 2018

    Auxbeam Different Kinds of RGB Lights

    Lights can be the safe guide for driving at night, and also they can also be the special decoration to make your vehicle unique. The normal light bar would only just give out a fixed light in just warm white or cold white, yet, there are also…
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  4. December 05, 2017

    Different Colors for Car Lighting

    There are different lightings on your car and every light has its color and function. Some may not know why it is designed like that. So here today, we want to talk about them. Low beam (known as dipped, passing or meeting beam) and high…
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  5. August 23, 2017

    Auxbeam New Arrival Work Lights Review

    Auxbeam recently expands our product lines to provide various kinds of lighting options for you. Auxbeam does not just sell LED light bars, headlight bulbs for vehicles, but also many other lighting options for different usage. Last time, we…
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  6. July 14, 2017

    Auxbeam New Lighting for Vehicles

    Auxbeam now has more lighting choice for vehicles. Light bars or headlight bulbs may be the first thing coming to your mind. However, Auxbeam tends to expand the product type. So more and more products would be selling on
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  7. June 30, 2017

    What is the Reference Number for LED Light?

    There is a rather difficult problem that many people may not know about. That is what the reference number means for LED lighting. And will the numbers infect the light performance? OK, here we will discuss the meaning of it today. The…
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  8. December 16, 2016

    Review on Auxbeam Must Have Products

    This is written by Auxbeam huge fans Graylin Locklear. I’ve always been an avid Auxbeam supporter. Ever since my Jeep JK installed with their LED headlights, and multiple products, I have driven safely at night. So, of course, I had to…
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  9. April 18, 2016

    Auxbeam Turn Signal Light Installation

    In about the 40s to 50s (maybe a little earlier), turn signal lights may be not necessary. You can drive your offroad on the street with being arrested by the police officers. Because your offroad is either too old to have turn signal lights or…
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  10. March 15, 2016

    DIY Modifying Offroad LED Lighting System

    Most Americans have more than one vehicles in their home for different use. Truck or SUV may be the popular vehicles while people can both use it for carrying heavy stuff and commuting. In fact, most Americans wants to make their vehicles become…
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