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LED Work Light, Versatile in Every Situation
LED lights are very popular these days. Many off-road lovers prefer to add different lighting on their vehicles. LED light bar, LED headlights are popular among many people but do you know that there is one kind of light that is versatile to use in different places—LED work light.... Read more
Auxbeam Headlight Bulbs Customer Review
Written by Chirs Here is my adventure of using Auxbeam LED lights.A while back I bought a few sets of led head lights. I put a set in the sheriff office patrol truck—the 9005 and h11 sets. And just to see what my units thought about the bulbs, so... Read more
What is the Reference Number for LED Light?
There is a rather difficult problem that many people may not know about. That is what the reference number means for LED lighting. And will the numbers infect the light performance? OK, here we will discuss the meaning of it today. The reference number is telling you the maximum... Read more
Step-By-Step How To Install Off Road LED Lights On Your Jeep or Truck
This is a guest post by 4×4 LED Lighting. The following guide outlines the basic steps you should follow when attempting to install your new offroad LED lights. Remember, there is no absolute perfect way of doing this but take your time and everything should go smoothly. Deciding Where to... Read more
What Are The Features of Auxbeam LED Lights?
Almost the Auxbeam LED lights bring a great experience for all users; with its ability will not makes you disappointed. When you buy it and use it, the brilliant light will come to you, so you should be careful and should avoid look at the LED in direct way.... Read more
Osram LED Lights Apply in Mining
Nowadays, Osram LED Lights are widely used in many field, such as residential lighting, automobile lighting, industrial lighting, etc. Recently, Osram began to be used in mining field replacing fluorescent lamps, which has saved needs for maintenance of fluorescent lamps, and reduced the accident rate. Also in this way,... Read more
Tips for installing LED lights on your vehicle
Once you’ve decided and purchased your LED lights for your vehicle, it is time to install. Your LED light bar package will come with an Installation Manual. Here are a few preparation tips that you can use to avoid mistakes and to ensure an easy installation: Once you have... Read more
Heat Dissipation Design of LED lights
It is known that LED light bar is a kind of semiconductor that can invert electric energy into visible light. It adopts the electric light rather than the light principle of incandescent lights depending on tungsten and energy-saving lamp depending on tri-phosphor, which is light emitting diode. According to... Read more
Is LED the future for automotive lighting applications?
Many vehicle drivers are always upset by the insufficient light from their headlights or taillights, which will provide poor visibility on the road, making the driving more dangerous. Especially at night, the strong glare from the other vehicles coming from the opposite direction will make the drivers feel nervous... Read more
LED driving lights without dazzling glare
When you are walking or driving on the road at night, the street lamps may make you feel safe and bright. But is that enough? Maybe we feel like having more warmness and courtesy from the oncoming cars. However, what if the oncoming car has an intense headlight to... Read more