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Intelligent hexagon LED light bar – will it lead the trend?
Good news! Auxbeam is developing hexagon LED lights. Does that mean the light will look like a hexagon frame? Nope, the hexagon LED lights will share the same frame as other Auxbeam LED light bars. The difference can only be told from their inside parts.   Now we all... Read more
Auxbeam review: 13.5” PHILIPS led light bar
  Links: Direct link to seller’s website: https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/ Direct link to product reviewed: 13.5” led light bar   This time we will try to install a 13.5” led light bar on the rear of the Jeep Wrangler as a reverse light. The 13.5 inch PHILIPS led light bar is... Read more
New LED light bar from Auxbeam with compact size and durability
A new LED light bar released by Auxbeam Lighting gives operators a powerful and compact source of illumination capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions. The 54″ 312W PHILIPS curved spot & flood dual row off road LED light bar can handle abusive wet work conditions and produces over 30000... Read more