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3 inch 20W Philips Spot Light Review
This article is written by Rob Spencer. There are so many light companies out there, picking which way to go is like drawing straws. You just don’t know what you’ll get. There are high end American Made lights out there that are pretty great, but what about the guy who... Read more
Intelligent hexagon LED light bar – will it lead the trend?
Good news! Auxbeam is developing hexagon LED lights. Does that mean the light will look like a hexagon frame? Nope, the hexagon LED lights will share the same frame as other Auxbeam LED light bars. The difference can only be told from their inside parts.   Now we all... Read more
Why Choose Auxbeam White Housing Light Bars?
Offroad enthusiasts prefer to add light bar on their offroads not only for improving lighting system but also regarding light bars as a decoration of their offroads. However, as there are more and more manufacturers who make almost the same light bars or headlights, those who want to be... Read more
Something You May Not Know About Auxbeam
You may hear of Auxbeam Lighting, or you may not. Auxbeam Lighting is an LED lighting manufacturer that provides a high quality LED light bar with affordable price. Not like some manufacturers that provide cheap products with fake LED chips and poor making housing, Auxbeam always sticks to the... Read more
Osram LEDs VS Philips LEDs
As the technology of LED lighting integrated automotive industry continuously develops, the LED lighting available inside and outside the automobile has been promoted. Though many offroad enthusiasts have join into this latest trend by modifying their offroads with LED lighting, different automobile manufacturers now also take immediate actions. Why... Read more
52inch 300W Philips Straight Combo LED Light Bar
If you have ever heard of LED lighting, you should also know that there are different varieties available including LED bulbs, bars, strips and other fixtures, which are easy to install in many different spots on the vehicles. These LED lights are manufactured to consume much lower amounts of... Read more
Auxbeam 13.5inch LED Light Bar Product Review
Have you heard of LED light bar? If the answer is no, so you may go behind the trend of the market. LED light bar has been storming the market and everyone loves it. Now, not only the website but also many forums are talking about modifying their vehicles... Read more
A Compact Size LED Light Bar Released by Auxbeam Lighting
When people want to do some modification on their vehicles in order to guarantee the safety during driving process, they need to consider a lot about the quality of the accessories. It is the same for choosing an LED light bar. As always, Auxbeam offers you quality light bars, which... Read more
A High-quality LED light bar in Auxbeam Lighting
Recently, Auxbeam Lighting has put forward a lot of new models for auto players to choose for their off-road, trucks or other applications. Including all the new models, there is a new series of lights that attract many customers’ eyes—the TM D5 series. This series are all Philips LED... Read more