pod lights

  1. December 13, 2018

    Pod Lights—Small Modification, Big Change

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  2. August 24, 2018

    LED Pods—Small Size with Huge Function

    What are LED Pods?
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  3. June 09, 2017

    Auxbeam RGB Pod Light Is Coming

    Auxbeam has produced some really cool light bars that can give out multiple colors. We usually call those light bars RGB light bars since there are three chips Red, Green and Blue which made the light bar giving out multiple colors. Auxbeam old…
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  4. December 14, 2016

    3 inch 20W Philips Spot Light Review

    This article is written by Rob Spencer.
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  5. February 18, 2016

    Auxbeam review: 4” 20W LED work light

    Links: Direct link to seller’s website: http://old.auxbeam.net/blog/ Direct link to product reviewed:
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  6. February 16, 2016

    Installing Review--Auxbeam Flush Mount Lights on Silverado

    Most people may think that they need a custom shop build a high-quality sports truck. In fact, there is a trade secrets that you can do your own killer truck through the internet. Yes, you can buy any brand-name modification accessroies at a…
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  7. February 03, 2016

    Light Bars IP Rate Performance: Auxbeam Lighting Torture Test

    Light bars are now pretty popular in recent years. More and more offroad enthusiasts are keen on do some modifications on their offroads in order to get more protections while driving in the dark. However, not every
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