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2 Rgb Lights Make Your Truck Stand Out
Different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the choice of lighting for their vehicles. Although LED RGB lights are the most widely used type of lighting, some people want more than just lighting. They, therefore, try different lights installations to make their trucks stand out.... Read more
Auxbeam Different Kinds of RGB Lights
Lights can be the safe guide for driving at night, and also they can also be the special decoration to make your vehicle unique. The normal light bar would only just give out a fixed light in just warm white or cold white, yet, there are also some special... Read more
New APP Control for Auxbeam RGB lights
Auxbeam has sold the RGB light bars and RGB Rock lights for about a year and the RGB lights have been popular among different customers. Many of them purchase more than one light. They prefer to add a small size light bar, a big size light bar and together... Read more