Auxbeam brightest led headlight bulbsKey features

  • Super bright, using CREE XHP70 CHIP for each LED headlight
  • 9000LM for each pair of LED headlights
  • IP65 dust and water seal, beam angle 360-degrees
  • 35-80 degree CelsiusOperating Temperature
  • Aviation Premium 6063 aluminum
  • 360-degree clear beams no blind zone
  • Super cool engineering beam patterns
  • Nice performance, especially in foggy days
  • Nice fitment which easily replaces old full filament bulbs
  • Great Temperature Control System through the interior cooling fan which automatically cools down in maximum temperatures.

The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs from Auxbeam are the brightest headlights & the smallest in size in the marketplace. They have very accurate beam shape lighting than several other lights on the market. They are easy to install and fit vehicles easily. They are very energy-efficient as they use less wattage compared to others while producing the brightest headlights in the market.  The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlights are available in different styles and are 10 times brighter than your regular halogen lamps. If you are interested in LED lighting and other off-road modification parts, please read on to know more.