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For many modified lovers, they will do modifications to adding light bars, upgrading or headlight into LEDs. All the modification focus will just put... The Guide on Vehicle Tail Light Assembly

For many modified lovers, they will do modifications to adding light bars, upgrading or headlight into LEDs. All the modification focus will just put on the front part of the vehicles, yet, the rear part is always ignored. In fact, there is also an important part of the rear need to be upgraded—the Tail Light. The tail light or tail light assembly includes different signal lights like turn signal light, brake light, fog light, backup light, parking light. It is said that not all tail lights are considered as tail lights but all brake lights are considered as tail lights. Like a tongue twister but do not understand the meaning. Keep reading on.

What is Tail Light?

tail lightLet’s talk in a simple way in case you do not really understand the position of the tail light. You can find some light in the red lens at the back of any vehicle. Those light are mainly called tail lights. The light will on when someone steps in and try to start the vehicles by tapping the brake pedal. Those red light can be called “brake light” or “tail light” since they are lighted up when tapping the brake pedal. However, there are also other lights on the rear of the vehicles that can light up while the headlights turned on. They can only be called as tail lights because their illumination is irrelevant to the brake pedal.

Other tail lights have different colors as well. The turn signal lights are usually in yellow (amber) due to the regulatory standards. The Turn signal lights will be turned on when the vehicle needs to turn right or left. The reverse lights automatically turn on when the vehicle is in reverse shift. They are generally in white color.

Tail Light Function

So, what do the tail lights mainly work for? The tail lights are mainly for letting the vehicles behind you to know what you want to do in the front. If you are about to stop because of a flat tire, the vehicles behind you will know and will not speed up and crash. Thus, the tail light is very important for keeping the traffic safety.

The Third Brake Light

3rd brake tail lightWhat is the third brake light? The third light I an auxiliary light to the automotive. It can be a great addition to those vehicles, like sedan or hatchback especially. While in the traffic, the large 4-wheel-drive truck cannot see the brake light at the back of the small hatchback as the front hood of your 4-wheel-drive is higher than the tail light of the hatchback. Thus, the third brake light can solve this problem by adding on the center of the vehicle rear part. Also, the third brake light became a necessity on all vehicles in the US by the end of the 1980s.

Why Replace the Tail Light?

As we have mentioned above, the tail light is very important for driving safety. So, if any damages like moisture, yellowing or circuit burned out needs to be replaced and fixed immediately.

Yellowing or lenses faded—As the lenses are mainly made in plastic, the halogen bulbs light up and gradually get hot inside the lenses housing, then the lenses will become yellow.

Moisture—Moisture is the big enemy of the light lifetime. Driving in any weather can get moisture inside the light if the sealing is bad. So, if you find that your tail light has moisture inside. First, try to turn on the tail light to dry it. If cannot, you have to replace them.

Breakage—If there is an accident happens, and your tail light is broken. You ‘d better change the new tail light immediately.

Circuit burned out—when the tail light is used in a long time, the internal circuit board will burn out over time. So that means the entire tail light assembly needs to be replaced.

Chips upgrade—As many factory tail lights are made with incandescent, halogen bulbs or Xenon (HID) bulbs. Upgrading to LED tail lights may be much better. As it is estimated, the incandescent bulb can last for about 750-1000hours, while LED bulbs can last over 30,000-50,000 hours. Thus, LED tail lights may last longer and help you be safe easily.

How to Choose the LED Tail Light?

For normally vehicles with factory tail light with no breakage, you can choose to upgrade the factory tail light with LED bulbs. Different vehicles need different bulb types. You need to check the exact bulb types of your vehicles then replace them.

LED tail lightsThe installation process as below:

  1. Open the rear tail light truck and find the position of the bulbs you need to replace.
  2. Remove the bolts and interior padding from the bulb socket.
  3. Disconnect the plug and get the factory bulbs out (normally turn counterclockwise).
  4. Install the new bulbs in the socket and tight them clockwise, connect the wiring harness
  5. Reinstall the bolts and paddings you have removed before.
  6. Then your LED tail lights are completed.

Yet, when your tail light is broken, you need to replace the whole tail light assembly. That installations are a little bit hard. I suggest you can ask the Garage to help you fix that. But you can purchase a pair of reliable new LED tail lights.

Jeep LED tail lightsJeep LED Tail Lights

If you have a JEEP and the tail light is broken. That might be easier. And now there are many Jeep LED tail lights in different special design. As the Jeep tail lights design is a rectangle, the tail lights are easy to replace.

  1. Remove the screws and unplug the factory tail light
  2. Reinstall the new LED tail lights
  3. Plug them on and the new JEEP LED tail lights are completed.

Tail light is really important for any vehicles just like the headlights. Thus, when you want to upgrade the headlights, please check your tail lights as well. Hope everyone can drive in a safe way.

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