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Once you’ve decided and purchased your LED lights for your vehicle, it is time to install. Your LED light bar package will come with... Tips for installing LED lights on your vehicle

LED light bar

Once you’ve decided and purchased your LED lights for your vehicle, it is time to install.

Your LED light bar package will come with an Installation Manual. Here are a few preparation tips that you can use to avoid mistakes and to ensure an easy installation:

  1. Once you have your LED light bar package ready, check the contents and make sure that you have everything you need before starting. Before starting with the installation, check that the LED light bar is working by connecting it to a bench tester.
  1. Make sure to disconnect the vehicle’s battery before starting with the installation.
  1. Find a solid spot on your vehicle to install your light bar on. Note the additional stress that acceleration and braking can induce. Installing it on the roll bar is ideal but if the roll bar is not where you need your lights on, plan for the placement because drilling will be involved. Do you want to mount it on the bumper, windshield, or roof? Forums are a great resource in finding out which one will best suit your needs as well as best adapt to the structure of your vehicle.
  1. Make sure that you know what you are doing before drilling holes through your vehicle. Drilling can weaken the structure of your vehicle as well as chip the paint where you don’t intend to.
  1. For easier mounting, get rid of dirt and clean the area of the vehicle where you will be installing the light bar.
  1. Review the wiring diagram included in the kit and check if it is compatible with your vehicle. Here’s a good article discussing the different wiring diagrams.
  1. Double check the wiring of the light bar; red wire with goes to the positive (+) terminal and black wire to the negative (–) terminal. Incorrect wiring can lead to a short circuit which can damage your vehicle’s electrical system.
  1. Once done, clean up and secure the wires in a zip-tie to avoid clutter.

Installation effect

If you have questions about how to do it, it’s best to ask for advice from individuals who have experience with such installations or you can take your vehicle to a professional sales shop.

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