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For thousands of years, humans have been hunting wild animals for meat, skin or just fun. This practice still exists today but in most... Trail Camera–Great Help for Hunting

hunting trail cameraFor thousands of years, humans have been hunting wild animals for meat, skin or just fun. This practice still exists today but in most countries, you require a license and outdoor supply to hunt specific animals. Traditional hunters relied on outdoor supply like spears, traps, and dogs to track and capture animals such as deer. It was a tedious task since most animals are agile and equipped with a powerful sense of smell. Nowadays most hunters don’t need dogs. Some of the modern hunting methods include the use of guns, modern traps, bow, arrow technique, and the trail camera. Other essential outdoor supply hunting tools that are carried in a backpack include binoculars, gloves, headlamp, a knife, GPS, and hunting boots. Camouflage clothes are appropriate in such environments. Don’t forget warm clothes if you want to spend the night in the forest.

The advancement of outdoor supply in technology has led to the development of trail camera which can help you to track animals in your absence. Good trail cameras don’t need your presence to function. The latest ones have extended battery life, external LCD displays, heat-sensing technology and are capable of rotating 360 degrees while tracking the source of heat. Advanced ones have a wireless connectivity which allows you to watch a real-time footage while far away from the forest.

What Is The Trail Camera

The trail camera is a special type of outdoor supply camera which uses infrared, incandescent and motion detection technologies to record the movement of wild animals. This camera is equipped with powerful lenses which enable it to capture crystal-clear images both at night and during the day. The videos and photos are time stamped to enable you to know the exact time an animal was at that spot and the number of minutes it spent there.

Trail Camera Function

hunting trail cameraThe function of a trail camera is to take video or images of wild animals without being detected. The camera allows you to “spy” on the game which lives in remote areas. The gadget is ideal for gathering information about the activities of animals. With this gadget, you won’t risk your life by walking in a dense forest at night especially if the forest has deadly predators such as lions, leopards, bears and even aggressive grazers such as buffaloes.

Trail cameras have a wide range of uses. Hunters have started to use this equipment to minimize the time they take to track and take down an animal. Most animals are nocturnal and hunters find it difficult to walk in the wilderness at night. However, a trail camera enables you to know an exact time when animals are active. This camera is a must-have accessory to any scientist or researcher who wants to study the behavior or feeding habit of any type of animal, bird, or reptile. The researcher is able to note the time of the day when animals being studied are active. This camera prevents you from disturbing wild animals or destroying their habitats. Most animals have an advanced sense of smell and they might abandon an area with odors that might be perceived as those of a predator.

Auxbeam trail camera

Auxbeam now would expand our product lines and love to development outdoor supply. Auxbeam has produced some of the most sophisticated trail cameras. The trail cameras have a camouflage casing which makes it difficult to spot. Camouflage is a desirable feature since it keeps the gadgets safe from other hunters who might vandalize or steal it. It also makes it difficult for animals to detect an unusual object in their habitat. The camera models have long lasting batteries which allow you to install and leave them in the jungle for a few days. The models have been proven to work perfectly in all weather conditions and they can help you to make an informed decision when hunting. The following are some of the trail cameras and their features.

HT-001 Trail Camera

hunting trail cameraThe gadget has been designed to support high capacity SD cards. This model is perfect for you if you intend to capture a lot of images or a long video footage. Unlike other low memory capacity models, this one can support up to 32GB of storage. With this camera, you don’t need to visit the camera frequently. Therefore, the wild animals won’t notice your presence and move to a new location.

CT008 Trail Camera

The trail camera has 8x Batteries and a 6V external power supply. This long-lasting battery pack reduces the number of return trips that you make to replace or recharge the batteries. As a hunter, you can take more video footage in just a single charge. The batteries have a low self-discharge rate to maximize their efficiency in various weather conditions.

HC-700G Trail Camera

Unlike other models, this trail camera embeds GPS coordinates on a satellite map. This feature makes this camera ideal for hunters who visit some of the most remote areas without cellphone radio signals. This allows you to locate where you placed the camera with ease. You can also set it to include GPS coordinates on the images that it captures.

Wireless connectivity is the most important feature in this camera. The gadget can capture images and send them to you via email or text. This allows you to download and view images without retrieving the SD card. The camera is ideal for any hunter who wants to leave the wildlife total undisturbed while collecting vital information.

HC-300M Trail Camera

This sensitive camera allows you to capture both small and large animals. High sensitivity is important if you intend to target animals of various sizes. It also features an antenna and SMS feature which allows you to set the camera to automatically take photos and send them to your device. It can also operate between -30 and 70 degrees which make is ideal for areas with extreme weather conditions.

H881 Trail Camera

hunting trail cameraThis model takes time-lapse technology to another level. The camera can be programmed to automatically snap images at a pre-set time interval which ranges from a few minutes to an hour. You can set the camera to capture a photo when an animal moves to the field of view of the camera. This feature makes the camera ideal for monitoring the movement of animals the whole day since it uses less power and memory. Hunters use it to capture footage of animals that are active at dawn or dusk.

The camera offers you with a date-stamp feature. This feature records additional information such as time, temperature, date, and moon phase. This information is stamped on each captured photo go allow you to have an in-depth understanding of the behavior of the animal. Fortunately, you can turn this feature off if you don’t need it.


The trail camera is a great help if you want to record and hunt animals. All these trail cameras have different features that you can choose the one you prefer. If you are interested in vehicle modifications and vehicle lighting, please read on to know more.

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