Recently many motorcycle headlights have sprung up into the market. The magic of autumn seems to convert more people to ride on their dirt bikes and motorcycles in the windy and cool morning. Yep, bikers driving smoothly in daytime can enjoy sunshine without being exposed to too much rays or suffering from sunburns. However, people are often entangled by work or chores in daytime. Thus their leisure time has to be night. In the evening, if riders feel like driving outside to anywhere freely, they must have their motorcycles equipped with enough light. Here comes to our recommendation —7 inch 40w round Harley hi-lo led headlight with two modes.

HarleyThe most charming part of this headlight must be its complex reflector design, which is so unique that you could only find its imitations but not the original design outside Auxbeam.  It is solid state and bulb invisible. Not only does it look fashionable but also it provides lights for long distance and great overall visibility. Its inner bezel is black, which divides the headlight into 2 modes, high beam and low beam. If you are driving along the street full of fellows, you can only turn on the upper LED and the light coming out is low beam. If you turn on all LEDs, you will enjoy high beam at a night driving alone. The upper LED is wired with the white cable, and the high beam is wired with the blue cable. It is easy to change lights with switch.

YamahaThis headlight is made of black die-cast aluminum on housing and PC on lens. These materials assign the motorcycle headlight shockproof and waterproof attributes, which are advantageous for riders in rainy days or uneven terrains. If you are looking for headlights for Harley Davidson, Yamaha or other models with 7” seal beam headlight, this round LED motorcycle headlight from Auxbeam can be your choice.