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Emergency Vehicle lighting is a visual way of conveying it to the other drivers about an emergency which they need a clear road ahead... What Are Emergency Vehicle Lights

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Emergency Vehicle lighting is a visual way of conveying it to the other drivers about an emergency which they need a clear road ahead to travel quickly. Emergency vehicle lights are mainly used for Ambulances, Police vehicles, and VIP guard vehicles.

Many governments have a strict control over who can use the emergency vehicle lights. Mainly they have only authorized to respond to an emergency if require initiating a traffic stop if it’s a training requirement or simply if there is a dangerous road condition.

What Different Colors Mean

Amber and yellow generally show that the vehicle needs attention and other vehicles to slow down to have a quick access for the emergency vehicle. White color even though it’s not used to indicate an emergency, it usually as visibility for floodlights. Paramedics and firefighters often use green color. And red implies a situation where it’s life-threatening. Colors blue and red often used by law enforcement authorities.

Types of Emergency Vehicle Lights

Most common type of emergency vehicle lighting is the Steady burning lights. It is simply a steady lamp which will indicate a specific color. From the past, many emergency vehicles only used to have steady burning lights.

With the emergence of new technology and new statistics, a rotating light was considered as a more visible method of lighting for an emergency vehicle with their ability to grab attention. Generally, a steady blub will house the casing of the light and a curved mirror will spin around the blub giving an effect that will grab the attention quickly.

LED Emergency Lights.

amber led emergency lightsFor several reasons LED emergency lights became very popular among the industry. This is mainly because they are being small and consume less energy compared to other methods of lighting. Another key factor for its emergence is then it last longer than other methods and it can easily be visible for a long distance even in during the daytime.

Most commonly LED emergency lights are used as single beacons or as lightbars. When it comes to emergency vehicle lights it can be mounted on a vehicle in several different ways.

It can be a roof mounted single beacon or a rotating beacon. Having it on the roof is ideal if you want to have visibility of the beacon for a longer distance. Also, on roofs, you can have lightbars which will provide much more viability than a single beacon light.

Body Mounted LED Emergency Lights.

Several types of LED emergency lights can be mounted on the side of the vehicle. This is mainly due to provide the directional lighting in most important areas of the vehicle. Most commonly these LED emergency lights can be mounted on the front of the rear-view mirrors, in which it can gain maximum visibility. Also, vehicle lights can be placed on the side of the front bonnet. Which can easily help to give a warning to the oncoming traffic when pulling out of the junction. These types of lights often are low profile lights.

led emergency lights on grillInterior Mounted.

In present LED emergency lights are mainly mounted inside of the vehicle. Typically, these are mounted on dashboards, sun visors, or in the rear deck. These types of interior mounted emergency vehicle lights are mainly placed on vehicles which are needing to proceed with discrete operations such as surveillance or on stealth operations.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Emergency Vehicle Lights

There are some advantage and disadvantage of the emergency vehicles lights. Please check in the chart below.

Pros Cons
Emergency Vehicle lights can keep your vehicle problem known by others.


Not all colors can be used by everyone. You should obey the rules.
Emergency Vehicle lights are reliable, instantly turn on in any situations.


Emergency Vehicle Lights may be too bright, to make glare to the oncoming vehicles.
Emergency Vehicle lights are brighter and give out the bright light in the great distance.


Distract other drivers attention for normal driving as the light colors, especially in red color.

LED Emergency Lights Recommended

Below are the few types which are available in Auxbeam.

Yellow & White 6 LED Emergency Beacon Ideal for Trucks

led emergency lights on grillThese are ideal for off-road vehicles, ATVs, trucks, and engineering vehicles such as excavators, tree dozer, road rollers and mining trucks. Also, can be easily mounted on the grill of the emergency vehicles such as fire rescue trucks, police cars, rescue vehicles and military command vehicles.

This LED emergency light consists of 14 different flash patterns providing the excellent attention around your vehicle. Some of the patterns are left/right flash, left and right merge and strobe.

Built as a user-friendly a device and an easy to assemble part will make your life much easier. The package includes two LED Emergency Lights two Protection Pads and four Screws.

24W Yellow/White LED Light Strobe Bar

emergency vehicle lightsAnother body mounted LED emergency light which will help you to grab the attention of the road. This has a strong 24W LED Light Strobe Bar which is in Amber color and will be perfect to install on your windscreen.

It houses 15 of the 24W high power COB LED lights.

With more than 14 light modes it helps to find the ideal light mode for your occasion.

This is an easy to assemble design which can be mounted any vehicle that runs on 12V-24V battery. And a powerful 24W LED Light Strobe Bar will help to provide an impressive look as well as helps to grab the attention.

16 LED Emergency Strobe Light with Suction Cups

led emergency lights These are ideal to fit into your windshield. It has vibrant 16 LED strobe lights which will provide you with more than 26 different patterns, so you have chosen the ideal pattern. A special on/off button and to keep it running all the time a special adapter to plug the device into your car cigarette lighter.

It has an inbuilt memory keep a record of your last pattern and we assure a guarantee for up to 50,000 hours of lifespan. It has been proven that this emergency LED light will have a visible range up to a quarter mile.

6 LED Magnetic Base Flash Strobe LED Emergency Lights

led emergency lights An ideal LED panel for your emergency vehicle. It can be easily placed on top of the vehicle and provide excellent view up to a longer distance than other types of lights. Because of its high quality, we offer you a guarantee for a maximum of 30,000 light hours

Offering more than 14 different vibrant patterns, it has 2 Magnetic pods with protective rubber feet that will ensure even when during the speeds up to 45mph the magnets will stay strong.

Auxbeam will provide more different LED emergency lights to meet all your needs. If you are interested in LED lights or modification accessories, you can also check the blogs below.

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