With the lighthouse in front, at night the crew can easily reach the right harbor. For them, the beacon light means ease and home. But have you ever notice that driving lights also have special meanings? Here are some conventional light languages concluded by a driver of 10 years’ experience. Drivers should never neglect the oncoming vehicles’ light language.

Lighthouse in Florida, praised by HemingwaySometimes at the crossroad, cars are waiting for the red light. The car in front might not notice the indicator light immediately and the driver might not react at all to the green light, which will get road rage. In a fury, some drivers will sound the horn loudly and yelled and scolded. Actually, there is a more gentle way to express courtesy. Some experienced drivers will flash the headlamps once or twice slowly to remind the cars in front to move. In this way, the road will never get rage. Another meaning of flashing the faro once is questioning the oncoming car whether it intends to swerve or go straight. After receiving the message, some experienced drivers will turn on the turn light to indicate his direction. Then braking or continuing driving will never tangle.

At times it is easy to find the oncoming car which has just passed a dark road will keep the high beam on, which is so bright and glaring that blind you. Will you be overwhelmed by the rage and turn your high beam on to fight with his, or will you calm down and give the careless driver a clue? At the distance of 20 meters, you could flash your headlamps twice and the driver will get the hint and turn off his high beam to avoid the unnecessary quarrels and accidents.


This morning I saw a car swiftly cutting across the road. Just in front of me. I was on the bus and it was the rush hour. The car appeared suddenly in front of my eyes, gave me a shock. Yes, it was the traffic jam. Everybody was hurrying to his destination. However, merging suddenly was impolite and even dangerous. What if the bus was not braking and was reluctant to welcome the surprise? The conventional greeting should be like this, the car shall turn on the turn indicator to ask for the merging, and the bus could flash once and slow down to show his permission. If the deal is not done, the bus could flash and flash several times to show his disagreement.

And the action of flashing the headlight three times and meanwhile beeping must be the kindest feedback. It means there is something wrong with your car. It is time for you to stop by and pay attention to the doors, tires and the trunk.

Communication has always been significant almost everywhere, and doubtlessly light languages are the NO. 2 on the road. Besides driving skills, it also accounts for the journey of life and death.