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When I first heard of side marker lights I wondered, just how many lights do I need for one car? I had previously replaced... What Are Side Marker Lights?

When I first heard of side marker lights I wondered, just how many lights do I need for one car? I had previously replaced the bumper lights which my mechanic jokingly told me they don’t exist. He argued you can have many kinds of lights on the bumper. Some cars have their parking lights on the front bumper; others have both the parking lights and fog lights. Still, others have their side marker lights fixed on the front bumper. So, which one of these are bumper lights?

Are Side Marker Lights Similar to Bumper Lights? 

led marker lightsI didn’t know either. I realized then, that bumper lights it’s too vague a term. Think about it this way, even on the rear side, tail lights, license plate lights, and reverse lights are also placed on the bumper; does that also mean they are bumper lights? I think I should call the lights by their function, not placement. Although, we may lack a function name for corner lights, or what do we call them?

Anyway, I discovered I have always had Side Marker Lights; I just never paid them any attention. I guess I always assumed they’re the same as repeater lights. Anyway, I preferred the new ones to be placed in front, near the wheel. I had the option of having them mounted on the bumper at the back near the wheel. For some vehicles, you can place them on the rear panel or the fender.
Like most lights, LED marker lights are a set. For trucks, they can be fixed at the top (both rear and front) to enhance visibility. While other drivers disregard them as a mere accessory – low beam light; we see them as a lifesaver.

Side Marker Lights use the standard 12V and they are connected with a single wire normally 16-gauge thick.

Side Marker Lights Function 

led marker lightsSide Marker Lights are pretty much functional as parking lights only that they’re on the side. They light up alongside the headlights; they can also wink with the directional ones or do both.
Are They the Same as Repeater Lights?

Repeater lights are not the same as the side marker lights, as their name suggests, they repeatedly blink alongside directional lights. They don’t have to light up alongside the headlights. They are also smaller than LED Marker Lights.Repeater lights are mostly found on European cars. It’s rare to find them on domestic or Japanese models. They are mounted on the side as well; between front wheel and door. On most cars, they’re placed on the fender.

Side Marker Lights are meant to complement other lights. They cannot replace any light, whether corner light, parking, repeater light or reflectors. Reflectors are actually not lights; they have nothing electrical in them. They just reflect back the light that illuminates them. They obviously have no connection with any other lights, thus, they work independently.

The marker lights are meant to increase your car’s visibility. During the night or bad weather conditions, visibility is very vital. The other road users clearly see the dimensions of your vehicle so they are able to keep a safe distance. They are also alerted when you intend to change lanes or turn.

No matter how long the vehicle is, if it is well illuminated, they will take note and take caution. When you buy and install LED Side Marker Lights, to some extent, you save lives because you minimize the chances of being involved in a road accident.

Do I Need LED Marker Lights?

Auxbeam side marker lightsSide Marker Lights are set equipment for most vehicles; for instance, trucks, buses, trailers, cars, and utility vehicles. For these cars, mostly, they’re already installed. They are also obtainable for purchase if broken or not installed.

Since 1968, in the US, Side Marker Lights were made a requirement for all automobiles whose length exceeds 80 Inches. These are trucks and buses for example. Later, in January 1969, all vehicles were included in this obligation. Cars, trailers, motorcycles, small trucks, all of them are now required to comply.

Standard Side Marker Lights VS LED Marker Lights

In the market, you will realize these two are presented as if they are different products. However, LED Marker Lights and Side Marker Lights serve a similar purpose. They are applied to the same automobiles for the same intention. But what is their difference? We review this in the table below:

LED Marker Lights Standard Side Marker Lights
LED lights are easy to install Not easy to install but easier to access
Vibration resistant Not good at resisting vibration
Emit minimal heat Emit high temperature thus have a shortened life
Water resistant Not resistant to water.
Eco-friendly Not Eco-friendly and easily damaged
Have a longer warranty 2+ years The warranty hardly goes beyond 2 years
A bit pricey in comparison to others Fairly priced


Auxbeam side marker lightsFrom our table above, it’s evident that LED Marker Lights are superior to standard Side Marker Lights in regards to performance. At Auxbeam, we understand the frustrations that come with dysfunctional marker lights. We don’t want you to have to pull over the truck in the middle of your journey and start fixing lights eventually delaying your arrival.

Auxbeam has now introduced new LED Side Marker Lights. We have heard our customers’ expectations and brought them LED Marker Lights that will exceed their expectation in every area. Additionally, Auxbeam team understands the federal regulations and expected performance standards, we take care of all the details, color specifications, positioning testing, and labeling.

If you need to install new ones or repair, reach out to us. We will guide you on the best installation procedures, best design for your automobile and advice on how to best maintain the LED Marker Lights. If you want to know more about the LED lights and other modified parts, please read on.

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