A head up display, also known as HUD, is made up of a transparent screen which displays information without obstructing the user. A car HUD enables pilots and drivers to maintain the position of their heads and focus on the objects in front while viewing additional information. Just like GPS technology, it was also developed for military use but it has been incorporated in vehicles and even passenger planes.

The Origin Of The Head Up Display

This Head up display system automatically connects to the nearby satellites to get your coordinates in real-time. This enables it to calculate your speed without being connected to the engine. This model has been designed to display the number of engine revolutions, temperature, voltage, and other parameters. The car HUD also displays digital gauges that keep you informed about the amount of fuel remaining.

Universal X5 Car HUD Head Up Display MPH-Speed Warning

This is one of the most affordable HUD models on the market. It displays the speed of your vehicle, engine temperature, fuel gauge, and other engine parameters. The speed warning feature prevents you from over speeding especially at night. The unit uses simple colors to eliminate glare. Just like most HUD systems, it is energy efficient and it won’t drain your battery.


The head up display can help you drive safely without checking the screen while driving. So how about choosing one of the car HUD to help your vehicle looks cooler and become safer. Check at Auxbeam, you can find the best. If you are interested in vehicle modified parts, please read on to know more.