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A head up display, also known as HUD, is made up of a transparent screen which displays information without obstructing the user. A car HUD enables... What Is Head Up Display

A head up display, also known as HUD, is made up of a transparent screen which displays information without obstructing the user. A car HUD enables pilots and drivers to maintain the position of their heads and focus on the objects in front while viewing additional information. Just like GPS technology, it was also developed for military use but it has been incorporated in vehicles and even passenger planes.

The Origin Of The Head Up Display

Originally, the head up display was developed for military use. It was during World War II that the top military started to think about how to improve their fighter planes to enable pilots to locate and attack enemy planes with ease. The pilots had low accuracy since they only relied on the orders they get via the radio and their instincts. Keen observation and maneuverability were important in any dogfight. The invention of a car HUD enabled pilots to get combat information with ease. It also allows them to fly at supersonic speeds and outmaneuver other planes and missiles.

This technology has improved over the last few decades. Nowadays the car HUD uses high-speed microprocessors to display advanced graphics on the screen. Modern fighter jets use a car HUD to locate several targets at a time in hostile skies. Some car manufacturers have started to include this technology on the windshield to improve road safety.

How Head Up Display Works

Head up display uses programmable waveform generation, optics, cathode ray tube, and complex algorithms to project vital information right on the windshield of your vehicle. This technology enables drivers to know where they are going in real-time. Unlike using a GPS, you won’t get distracted or waste time checking the waypoints. This technology allows drivers to focus on the road while getting navigation information at the same time.

This system can display lane markings when to make a turn, restaurants, distance of the vehicle in front, your speed, remaining fuel, and other details. Drivers with this system drive safely because they are more informed. With this unit, you can avoid accidents and get lost especially during bad weather and at night. You can join a busy highway with ease if you use a head up display.

Driving in a new town is usually a challenge. However, if your car has a HUD, you will get a notification on when to turn and the perfect route to use. You can also get notified about the next gas station or restaurant. As technology improves, this system will change the way we drive by helping us to reach our destination faster and avoid road accidents.

Do You Need The Head Up Display

Absolutely, all drivers need this technology since it can prevent accidents and missing turns on busy highways. A car HUD allows you to drive at high speed, by providing you with accurate information on time. Your hands remain free; you don’t need to use additional gadgets to get direction and other information.

Top automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, GM and Audi are producing new car models with factory-installed the car HUD. This system displays details about your engine, speed, navigation and other details. The in-car HUD also allows wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and gather notifications from your smartphone. This prevents you from being distracted by your gadget when there is a new email, message or call. This not only improves driving experience but also maximizes road security and safety.

Advanced car HUD’s also notifies you when an accident is imminent and highlight important street signs. This prevents you from over speeding or violating the law. However, if your car doesn’t have an inbuilt HUD, you can use HUD apps or install third-party HUD tools.

Auxbeam Head Up Display Introduction

5.5” A8 Car Windshield Screen Projector HUD head up Display

This lightweight gadget modernizes the dashboard of your car by projecting important information on the display. The car HUD is easy to set up. It has a dash mount which keeps the gadget in place even when driving at high speeds. The brightness can be regulated to offer maximum visibility. The package comes with a user manual, reflective film, OBD cable, head up display and anti-skid pad. It has been designed to display fuel consumption, water temperature, speed alarm, and other details.

P12-OBD2 Car Windshield Screen Projector Head Up Display

P12 OBD2 Car HUD is a lightweight and powerful gadget that displays speed limit, direction, and other details. It has a transparent film which you can fix on the windshield so that you can project information on it. This car HUD automatically adjusts the display brightness to prevent glare in various conditions. It is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets.

P10 Car HUD head up Display OBD2/EUOBD Speed/Temperature-Alarm

This is one of the most advanced third-party car HUD units. It is beginner friendly and comes with OBD2 port. It automatically turns on when you start the engine and switches off when you stop the engine. This eliminates the need of manually switching the HUD on or off. The unit is one of the most feature intensive HUDs on the market. The in-built alarm notifies you when you exceed the speed limit and if the temperature of your engine is too high. What makes it unique is its ability to connect to the vehicle via the OBD2 port and access information directly from the vehicle.

Universal 3.5A5 Head Up Display GPS Speedometer Projector

This Head up display system automatically connects to the nearby satellites to get your coordinates in real-time. This enables it to calculate your speed without being connected to the engine. This model has been designed to display the number of engine revolutions, temperature, voltage, and other parameters. The car HUD also displays digital gauges that keep you informed about the amount of fuel remaining.

Universal X5 Car HUD Head Up Display MPH-Speed Warning

This is one of the most affordable HUD models on the market. It displays the speed of your vehicle, engine temperature, fuel gauge, and other engine parameters. The speed warning feature prevents you from over speeding especially at night. The unit uses simple colors to eliminate glare. Just like most HUD systems, it is energy efficient and it won’t drain your battery.


The head up display can help you drive safely without checking the screen while driving. So how about choosing one of the car HUD to help your vehicle looks cooler and become safer. Check at Auxbeam, you can find the best. If you are interested in vehicle modified parts, please read on to know more.

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