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What is LED daytime running light? LED daytime running light is a kind of special light which will be turned on when the car... What Is LED Daytime Running Light? Why Vehicles Need It?

What is LED daytime running light? LED daytime running light is a kind of special light which will be turned on when the car engine is started, no matter in daytime or at night. What it can do is to be as a signal light, which can let other drivers notice and recognize the oncoming vehicles in foggy, rainy or other bad weather conditions.



Yet, why vehicles need LED daytime running light? Because, many earlier vehicles were equipped with halogen lights in early days. Nowadays, as the technology develops quickly, many factories mostly adopt the brighter LED configuration to replace the halogen light even though the power consumption of halogen lights is not high. In fact, using LED can reduce the power by 35% and also increase the lifespan of battery by up to 8000hours, which is almost the same as the fixed number of year of a vehicle.

Many consumers regard LED daytime running light as a decoration to the vehicles, yet, actually, this configuration plays a really important role in traffic safety, which can improve the visibility of a vehicle. According to official statistics, vehicles with daytime running lights can reduce vehicle accidents by 12.4% and also the probability of traffic death rate by 26.45%.

The European Union’s 27 member states unanimously adopted the new legislation that all newly made EU cars and small trucks must install daytime running lights and need to light up the daytime running lights even in daytime, in order to improve the road safety. This legislation has come into power first between Cars and minivans since February 7, 2011, while for trucks and buses since August 2012. European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship said in a statement that installing daytime running lights helps to reduce traffic accidents, meanwhile is also a good measure to protect the environment.



Though this legislation has not yet been implemented in China, many auto makers have mutual recognition and will equip the daytime running light in the new high-profile vehicles. From the point of view of automotive safety considerations, the use of daytime running lights will become a trend.

Generally speaking, the power of a halogen light is about 70W, while a LED daytime running light is only about 20W, which means using a LED daytime running light can save more money. The color temperature of the daytime running light ranging from 6000K to 6500K, which is brighter than the traditional halogen light, and also the power consumption is only 20% of the halogen headlights. Due to the adoption of advanced constant current control technology, the complete set of lights is luminous uniformity, full light color, lasting constant, with no pollution, no noise or electronic interference. The consumption of daytime running light is only 25% to 30% of the normal lights, which is environmental friendly and also very safe.

Luminous Theory tungsten filament luminous diode
Energy Consumption 55W 20W
Luminous Flux 1000lm 3000-4000lm
Color Temperature 2700K 4300K-6000K

LED daytime running light has captured the market by storm, are you in on the trend?

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