led driving lights

This LED driving light has 8pcs 10W high power Cree LEDs which is extremely bright even in daytime. With 60degree flood beam pattern and high transmission lens, the light distance of one light can be up to 500m. Drawing only 80W, this driving light can be operated the LED driving light in a 12V, 24V or 48V system as long as that voltage falls within 9-60V. Measured by 5.5in long, 7.1in wide and 3.75in high, this LED driving light can give out 6000K pure white light, which is like a sun specially equipped for your vehicle. With IP 68 rate construction, this LED driving light has great performance of waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof. As it is made of die-cast aluminum housing and suitable heat design, it has greatly dissipate heat. This LED driving light can be used wildly in ATV, Project Vehicles, Jeep, SUV, Excavators, wheel Loaders, Truck, Tractor, as well as heavy equipment, etc.

Due to many vehicles are equipped with HID lights when they were once made in the factory, many drivers do not know the importance of equipping LEDs on their vehicles. So there is a comparison below to show you the difference.

Energy Efficiency 100+ Lumen/Watt(It is advertised, but not accurately ) 100+ Lumen/Watt
Durability Fragile-has moving parts, glass bulbs, and filaments Heavy- duty-has no electrode or filament  shock &vibration resistant
Lifetime 15,000 to 25,000 hours 100,000 hours
Lumen Depreciation Moderately high Low
Color Tolerant -0F -30F (instant on)
Performance Requires5-10minute warm-up time, creates light in all directions Turns on instantly, no flickering, creates focused light
Color Temperatures Few Options(3000 to 5000K) Multiple Option (2700 to 6500K)
Color Rendering 5 to 93 CRI Average 80 to 85 CRI
Warranty Usually 1 to 2 years Usually 5 years