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Basically, we have 5 types of light patterns: Fog, driving, spot, flood and combo? Fog: Fog lights provide a low, wide-angle light pattern to... What is the difference between the types of light patterns?

Basically, we have 5 types of light patterns: Fog, driving, spot, flood and combo?

Fog: Fog lights provide a low, wide-angle light pattern to increase short-range visibility. Both amber and clear fog lights are suitable. Amber, while not penetrating, is more visible to approaching vehicles. They are intended to be mounted below the headlights and project a beam pattern which is very wide but not very tall or far. This pattern lights up a pathway close to the ground but does not light the airborne particles in the line of sight – this increases the visibility in bad weather. Auxbeam Fog Lights are very useful in Dust, Fog, Rain and Snow. They also work well as Cornering lights in clear conditions.

fog light

Beam pattern


Standard high beam

spot light

Spot light

Driving: Driving light pattern produces a focused, pencil-shaped bright light to reach far beyond high-beam headlight (yellow). Driving lights increase long-range visibility at highway speeds and provide additional safety while driving at night. They are designed to supplement your high beam headlights. Auxbeam Driving Lights produce a rectangular beam pattern that can reach further and wider than your headlights. These lights are available in higher wattages and create much more candlepower that stock headlights and they are also very useful to help see things near the edges of the roadways and to increase the amount of light out in front of the vehicle. They are great for all around trail riding as well.
Spot: Spot lights are able to penetrate deep into the night. Auxbeam Spot Lights produce a tighter, more focused beam of light (pencil beam) to see way out ahead toward the horizon. These lights create the brightest beam pattern and most candlepower available. Spot lights are typically used for Off Highway, Commercial, Agricultural and Racing applications.
Flood: Flood lights create a large pattern of light that utilizes a vertical and horizontal beam pattern. These lights are typically used as work lights and back-up lights. This is good for general work lighting, lighting up an off road trail that may have overhead tree limbs that you want to see.

flood light

Flood light

Combo: A combination combines these both. They have lights on the outside of the bar that produces a flood pattern while the inner lights produce a spot pattern. These are a great overall light with a lot of versatility and are our best selling lights for that reason.


Combo light

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