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Introduction Do you know what that horizontal bar fixed across the front or back of your Jeep is called? Have you wondered why a... What Makes Jeep Difference–Front Bumper


Do you know what that horizontal bar fixed across the front or back of your Jeep is called? Have you wondered why a nice Jeep you fancied in a magazine had its front or back side armored with bar-like Jeep accessories? It’s a bumper! It can be seen in your jeep wrangler as necessary jeep accessories. When it’s strapped across the front of your Jeep it’s called a front bumper and when it’s behind it’s referred to as the back or rear bumper. Let’s see why these Jeep accessories are important, types of front bumpers and how you can spot their differences.  We will also show you how to install the front bumper on your wrangler jeep.

Why a Front Bumper?

front bumperBasically, there are four reasons why you need a front bumper as necessary Jeep accessories if you don’t have one or have recently been in an accident;

  • It protects your vehicle by absorbing the impact of a collision.
  • It reduces repair cost.
  • Minimizes height mismatches.
  • Protects pedestrians from severe injuries.

Types of Front Bumpers

There are different types of front bumpers. They come in different shape, sizes, weight, and material, depending on specific needs. Some are made of heavy-duty materials while some are made of lightweight materials, most likely your bumper is made up of steel or aluminum.

Do remember that additional weight comes with heavy weight steel bumper; this can change the way you drive. Even with this, steel remains the first choice for an off-road bumper, if you’re not sure how and where you’ll use your vehicle. Just make sure that you understand that adding a steel bumper to your vehicle can change the drive quality so drastically, you might want to upgrade the entire suspension of your vehicle to compensate.

Pros and Cons for Different Front Bumpers

Base It provides room for additional jeep accessories like winches, LED Light bars and pod lights.

It protects your jeep by minimizing an impact.

Made of heavy-duty mild steel. It is styled with a lower profile, unlike other bumpers. You will need a buddy’s assistance with installation.
Pre- Runner This type of bumper is characterized by a front push bar that sits higher than the bumper.

Its shape serves as an extra protective measure.

The shape of some pre-runner bumpers can make you choose between a winch and light bar.
Tube This bumper is made of welded steel. It weighs less than pre-runner and base bumpers, meaning you don’t have to worry about a low mileage by protecting your gear.


For increased utility, you will need to mount spot or pod light.
Grille Guards As the name implies it truly guards your Jeep’s factory grille.

It comes in different shapes and sizes; heavy-duty steel tube, steel mesh tubes, etc.

The lifespan of this bumper is long.

The heavy-duty steel tube is likely to decrease mileage and consume more fuel. This type of bumper is difficult to repair if there is a ding or dent. Long-term rust can get the better of this bumper.
Grumper Bumper It does have a grumpy look like ‘monster machine’. It gives room for a winch, spot or pod lights, LED lights and D-string tabs.

It has a long lifespan.

Made of Iron. Professional installation is needed for installation.


How to Install A Front Bumper

front bumperDo you want to install a front bumper on your jeep wrangler? Here is what you’ll need to get the job done; a spanner set, a socket, ratchet set, wire clippers, flat-head screwdriver and two ramps to  help raise the vehicle and you set

1. Unscrew the bumper cover.

Locate the bumper cover; this cover conceals the rear bumper. You will need to remove this one first by opening the bonnet of your jeep wrangler and removing the screws that hold the cover in place.

2. Locate and unclip the bumper cover.

Look underneath the front-side of your jeep, you’ll see some plastic clips, detach the clips by using a flat head screwdriver, then use your wire clippers to cut the clips. Gently pull away and place on a towel to avoid scratches.

3. Drive the car up the two ramps to remove the bumper.

Use a body board to roll under your car after you’ve driven it up the ramps. You will see the bolts under the upper edge of the bumper. Use your spanner set to loosen and remove the bolts. After removing the bolts, you can now remove the tensioning rods that sit on either side of the bumper using your ratchet set. It’s time to say bye-bye to your old bumper!

4. Replace your new bumper.

Place your new bumper on the frame of your vehicle; fix the bolts through the holes to hold it in place.  You can begin reattaching the nuts to the bolts you fixed to tighten the bumper to the body of the car. Go ahead to reattach the tensioning rods. Drive your car down the ramp and proceed to replace the bumper cover.

5. Reattach The Bumper Cover.

Get the bumper cover from the safe haven it was placed. Replace the clips that were earlier destroyed with new clips, otherwise, the bumper cover will flap in the air when you go for a drive. Lock it in position before attaching the new clips. Finally, reattach the screw to the bumper cover in the position it was before you unscrewed it. Check that the bumper is firmly attached to the bodywork of your vehicle and you are ready to hit the road again.

jeep accessoriesConclusion

Sounds easy? We offer a variety of front bumpers as your jeep accessories at very competitive prices depending on your needs. You can get among others a high strength front bumper for your 2007-2017 jeep wranglers and front bumper with winch plate and LED light for Jeep TJ/YJ. Auxbeam bumpers are made of durable materials which can protect the front part of your jeep wrangler.  Visit us at auxbeam.com.  Subscribe to our email newsletter to get exclusive offers as well as a 10% off coupon for site-wide products. More blogs about LED lighting and modified accessories, please check below.

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