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In today’s society, life is full of work, school, and responsibilities. By the end of the day, drivers may be so weary that they... What’s the difference between driving lights and fog lights?

In today’s society, life is full of work, school, and responsibilities. By the end of the day, drivers may be so weary that they have difficulty focusing on the little details, such as which lights they should turn on for different types of weather or road conditions.


Some types of car lights are reserved only for severe inclement weather or darkness that is compounded with fog, snow, or some other substance that reduces visibility. Two of these kinds of lights are fog lights and driving lights. The article will tell you the features, the purposes and the designs of driving lights and fog lights, which can keep more drivers from making a mistake in their lighting choices.


Fog lights, as their name suggests, were developed for use in dangerously thick fog. They can also be used for other conditions in which visibility is severely limited. Fog lights are completely separate units from standard headlights. Their beams are flat and wide, and they are positioned low on the car, usually near the front bumper. The shape of the fog light beams usually resembles a narrow bar. They are meant to cut through the fog and light up the surface of the road so that drivers can see well enough to stay on the road and within their lane. Without fog lights, drivers might not see obstacles such as tree branches, wild animals, or debris in time to avoid them.


Vehicles are typically equipped with both front and rear fog lights. Those in the front extend the driver’s visibility range as far as possible directly ahead of the car and the light is usually white, though it can also be yellow or blue. The fog lights installed at the back of the car serve to warn other drivers of the car’s presence and the light is always red. However, there are some restrictions on fog lights. Most regions outlaw their use except in cases of thick fog or other severe weather. If they are used under normal conditions, other drivers can be blinded by their brightness or distracted by their light pattern. If this happens, the result could be a serious accident. As soon as the fog clears or the mist dissipates, the drivers should turn off their fog lights, otherwise they may even face a fine.


Driving lights are even stronger than fog lights are. They have a narrow, straight beam, and they are installed on the front of the car. Driving lights are always white, since white lights are more powerful in the dark than yellow or red are. Many drivers use them while off-roading or traversing dark, deserted country roads. Driving lights are designed to send powerful beams far ahead, illuminating the next stretch of road that drivers have to traverse. Since driving lights are too bright, that could be a distraction for the other drivers, causing an accident easily. Some areas enforce penalties for the inappropriate use of driving lights.


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