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Just like a car, you can enhance the performance of your ATV with ATV accessories. From bearings to bumpers to lighting, all ATV accessories serve their specific purposes. Bearings, for one,... Why CV Axle As The Important ATV Accessories

Just like a car, you can enhance the performance of your ATV with ATV accessories. From bearings to bumpers to lighting, all ATV accessories serve their specific purposes. Bearings, for one, make your riding experience smoother. They keep the engines rotating and they transfer power from the engine to your wheels. Lighting accessories make it easier for you to traverse tough terrains at night. Bumpers protect your ATV from damages by absorbing the force if the impact. But something that many people fail to incorporate in their ATVs is the CV axle. It is one of the most important ATV accessories that one must have. And here is why.

Meet the CV Axle

cv axle--atv accessoriesCV stands for Constant Velocity. The axle is a component of a vehicle that is used on front-wheel drives. It is a joint that connects the transmission and the wheel shaft. What it does is to allow the engine to transmit power to your front wheels even as you turn. In a rear-wheel drive, the wheels do not turn left and right so there is no force that can disturb the transmission of power from the engine to the wheel.

To demonstrate this, try holding a rod or baton by wrapping your right hand around it. Extend your arm and make sure the baton is horizontal. Hold one end of the rod with your left hand and turn it. Twist it. This motion shows you how a rear-wheel shaft works.

Then, abruptly twist your right wrist either to the left or right. As you can observe, the rod will now have reduced speed.

The axle prevents this power loss no matter which way you turn your wheels. If you have a four-wheel drive ATV whose rear wheels also turn, then you also need an ATV CV axle for the rear shaft as one of the important ATV accessories.

In a nutshell, the power that comes from the engine rotates the ATV CV axle, then the axle transfers this power to the wheels.

Diagnose the CV Axle

cv axle--atv accessoriesAny bad ATV accessories will damage and cause accidents. A bad axle cannot be repaired. The only route to go is to replace it. Although you can still drive with a broken one, there is no telling when it will be damaged enough, leaving you with an ATV that will not move.

One symptom to look out for is worn and damaged boot. If it is damaged, grease will leak out and contaminants will set in. If it accumulates enough dirt, the dirt will harden and it will not turn anymore. If you hear clunking sounds as you drive, specifically when you turn, then it is likely that you already have a damaged ATV CV axle joint.

A humming noise is an indication that the ATV axle is not lubricated properly. Grease is important to make the shafts and pivots turn. Another thing to listen for is a constant knocking that comes from the front wheels of the ATV. When this happens, it is an indication that the ATV axle is misaligned.

A malfunctioning ATV axle is dangerous because you will lose control of the vehicle. In cases where there is axle joint failure, the damage will eventually break the entire axle and you will be lucky enough not to get into an accident while driving.

Replace the CV Axle

cv axle--atv accessoriesIn this example, we will use Polaris RZR to demonstrate how to replace an ATV CV axle. You will need the following: brass hammer, side dikes, needle-nosed pliers, small screwdriver (flat), band clamp tensions too, and grease for CV-joint.

  1. Jackup the ATV. For rear replacement, disconnect the battery. Let some oil seep through the bolts.
  2. Loosen the strut top mounts but do not remove them. Loosen the sway bar bushings, too.
  3. Remove the side wheel axle mounting bolts.
  4. Pull the axle from the wheel. Do not park or hang over the transmission as they can get damaged.
  5. Remove the axle from the transmission gently. Do not bend or tear any oil seal.
  6. Replace the boot if necessary. Discard the old axle but use the seals and ABS rings on the new ATV axle if they are not damaged.
  7. Put the replaced axle back into place. Check the rotation and re-assemble any parts that are loose.

In some occasions, you may need to completely dismantle the Polaris RZR if you only need to replace some parts. If this is what you need to do, you need to degrease the whole thing to remove any debris and soot. Replace worn out parts like the boot and apply an appropriate amount of grease.

Choose Your CV Axle

There are many axles as ATV accessories to choose from. They vary in sizes and purposes. Some axles are designed for the rear drive ATV and some for the front. At Auxbeam, we have many CV axles that will fit most ATVs. Below are some





# of Models Compatible









Ease of Installation






Left/Right ATV CV Axle For 13-15 Polaris Ranger















Neoprene and high-grade steel



Left/Right CV Axle for 13-15 Polaris Ranger















CF53 Medium-Carbon Steel



Heavy Duty
Rear Left/Right CV Axle for 99-02
Polaris Sportsman















CF53 material



Left/Right ATV CV Axle for 15-17 Polaris RZR XP 1000















No.55 International Steel, Neoprene



Left/Right ATV CV Axle for 15-17 Polaris RZR S 900/1000















No.55 International Steel, Neoprene


Auxbeam does not only sell ATV accessories like CV axle. We have a multitude of products like light bars, motorcycle lights, LED bulbs, roof racks, interior accessories, body armor, exhausts, and a myriad of other things for your vehicle. Be it a Jeep, Honda, or Nissan, etc, we have products designed for specific car manufacturers and models. Visit our website to view more products.


cv axle--atv accessoriesThe ATV CV axle is one of the must-have ATV accessories that you can buy for a low price but should never compromise. Not only A bad CV axle can cause accidents, but any bad ATV accessories will lead to accidents in the most inopportune time. Considering that ATVs are made for rugged terrains, the potential damage to your body is much worse than it is if you were driving in a race track.

If you are unsure whether you still have a fully functional ATV axle, you have to take it to a professional for a check-up. If a replacement is needed, do it promptly and never use the ATV prior to completing the replacement. If you are interested in other ATV accessories or other vehicle modified part, please read on to know more.

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