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While it may not seem like a big deal at the time of installation or purchase, the absence of a wiring harness on your... Why You Need a Wiring Harness for Light Bars

While it may not seem like a big deal at the time of installation or purchase, the absence of a wiring harness on your vehicle’s lighting bar can cause avoidable issues for you down the line. If you properly wire a switch and get a wiring kit for the lights for your vehicles, you can avoid a headache later on.

Auxbeam has experts when it comes to this kind of thing. We’ve got everything you’ll ever need to know about wiring harnesses and how to properly wire a switch and get the most out of your lights.

What is a Wiring Harness?

wiring harnessA wiring harness is essentially a collection of wires and connectors that have been organized to efficiently carry information to and from an electrical power source. Think of it as a bit of a nervous system for your light bars. Wiring harnesses consist of three main components: the wire, the connectors, and the terminals.


These wires are all held together but each has its own responsibility when it comes to transporting electricity to your lights. There are several kinds of wire in the wiring harness’ bundle – some are smaller and more suited to lower electric demands, and the larger ones are more efficient with products that demand more electricity to function.


The connectors of a wiring harness connect the wires within your light bar and vehicle. They ensure the current is transported efficiently throughout.


These carry the current and act as the points where wires connect. Terminals transport the current from wire to wire so your lighting system continues to function without issue.

Why is A Wiring Harness Necessary?

A wiring harness can be great for all kinds of vehicle requirements, but particularly when it comes to your light bars and lighting systems. A wiring harness will utilize power and direct it from the battery itself straight to your lighting bar. This means your lighting systems can operate independently of the wiring system in your car. Wiring harnesses simply allow for a more reliable source of power, no matter what happens with your vehicle.

When you select your wiring harness, you may wish to invest in a rocker switch as well. This switch allows you to open and close the electrical circuit. When you do this, you can control the electrical functions of your vehicle, and more specifically – your lights, from the inside of your car.

How to Choose The Right Wiring Harness?

There are a few things you have to take into consideration when choosing the right wiring harness for your light bar. Different vehicles will work best with different wiring harnesses.

Wire Gauge

Your light bar should already state the voltage it requires to function optimally. All you have to do is choose a wire gauge that will safely and efficiently deliver that amount of voltage to the light. Auxbeam has the different wiring harness in different wire gauge. You can choose the right one for your light bar.

Bare Wiring vs DT Connector

We recommend going for the DT connectors over the bare wiring. DT connectors are designed to connect wires within a more extreme environment. They can withstand the temperatures, moisture, and any chemicals they may be exposed to within your vehicle’s operating system. They provide reliable connections and are easy to install.

Wiring Function

light sensor wiring harnessTo choose the best wiring harness for your light bar, you’ll need to determine if you require one lead, two lead, dual switch system, or even light sensor wiring kit. Normally, for one light bar, you just need the one lead wiring, and a pair light bar or pods need the two lead wiring. The two lead wiring can control both lights turn on or off. While your light has more than the on and off control, maybe the atmosphere function or DRL function, you may need the dual switch system, which can separately control the normally white light and the DRL or atmosphere function. Also, Auxbeam has the light sensor wiring kit. It can automatically turn on and off depending on whether the surrounding has enough light or not.

How to Wire A Switch?

wire a switchOnce you’ve collected everything you require to install the wiring harness on your lighting bar, you’ll need to know how to safely wire a switch. This can also be useful if you’re looking forward to wire a switch with the rocker switch. Wiring a switch can be as simple as following a few instructions. However, if you experience any difficulties throughout the process, we recommend giving an Auxbeam expert a call so they can provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Step One

Before wire

light bar wiring harness

a switch, familiarize yourself with the inner workings of your vehicle’s individual wiring system. It will be helpful to have a reference point with how it is all connected. And the part your light bar has in the wiring makeup.

Step Two

Take your terminals and connect them to your light bar. You’ll want to tap the white wire to the red, then the black to the negative black. When these are connected, you can keep them in place wit

h electric tape.

Step Three

There will be a red wire that is connected to the fuse. Take this wire and tap it into the car battery positive. Then, wire a switch black wire and tap it to the battery’s negative.

Step Four

The switch button will be adhesive, so you can put it wherever suits you best. Place the button on the inside of your vehicle, then find the firewall cover on the driver side. Take the switch wiring and insert it from the engine bay to the inside of your vehicle.

Step Five

Connect the red trigger wire and the light’s positive wire. Let the black wire tap a negative source or the ground. This will protect your battery from draining if it goes unused for an extended period of time.

Step Six

Test out your newly wire switch to ensure your light functions as you’d like it to. If you experience any issues, our experts at Auxbeam are always happy to answer your questions or help guide you toward success when upgrading or wiring a switch.

Where Can You Find Everything You Need?

Auxbeam is a team of trusted experts when it comes to wiring harnesses and the supplies you require to wire a switch and upgrade your vehicle. We have a wide range of products available and a friendly staff of professionals who are always ready to offer up advice.

We have different wiring harnesses, including one lead, two lead, and dual switches, as well as a variety of switch panels in-store or online. We always recommend purchasing a pack of wiring harness alongside your light bars so they function optimally and you can avoid issues down the line.

We want you to enjoy and fully utilize your light bar and LED lights. Do not hesitate to shop online at Auxbeam any time to get the supplies you need. If you are interested in more lighting and vehicle modification, please read on. More Blogs are available for you.

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