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What kind of LED lighting products you could get in AuxBeam?

As a high performance leader in LED lights, AuxBeam provides a huge selection of LED Lights, including LED work lights, LED light bar and LED driving lights. LED work lights can apply to working environment for all kinds of working vehicles, including bulldozer, excavator, tramcar, crane and more.

Benefits of OEM/ODM Manufacturing at AuxBeam

1.Multiple choices

AuxBeam provides a wide range of LED Lights, including LED work lights, LED light bar and LED driving lights. Besides, the products can be applied to different kinds of vehicles for the wide range of operating voltage.

2.High quality

AuxBeam always concentrate on the design as well as production of energy-saving and environmental light source. So you could order with confidence of our products with high 1-year warranty and the certification of CE & ECE & ROSH. What’s more, our LED lights are of high brightness and low power consumption, which can be used in rain or bad environment due to the design of anti-corrosion.

3.Cheap price

Due to our convenient and ideally located headquarter in Guangzhou, you can receive the service and products you are looking for exactly with cheap price. And depending on the order volume, the nature and dimension of cooperation you are targeting with AuxBeam, various solutions may be possible and feasible for your wholesale orders.

About Custom LED Designs

AuxBeam provides a universal custom LED lighting solution with considerable versatility. Each LED light is custom built-to-order by our in-house electronics technicians. A wide variety of custom options include but are not limited to various colors, spacing between LED lights, beam angles, and operating voltages. The customer may tailor the LED products to best suit a specialized lighting application. For lighting applications that require maximum luminous flux, additional light emitting diode sets added to the light bar will provide the additional luminous output. The specialized mounting clips allow three hundred and sixty degree rotation in any direction, after the LED light is properly mounted. This unique directional ability is critical for lighting applications that require light only in specific general area.

If you require custom variations for any of the products on our web site, please contact us for further information about Custom LED Designs.