D4S/D4R/D4C F-M9 Series Original Led Headlight Bulbs-8200LM/6000K

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More Information
Light Body Color Black
Heat Dissipation Mode Cooling fan
Internal/External Drive Internal
Lumen/pair 8200lm
Temperature Control With
With/Without Canbus Drivers With
Color Temperature 6000K
Power/set 70W
Plug Type D4S/D4R/D4C


Input: 400V~25KV (HID Ballast)

Output: MAX 35W

Temperature: 105 ° C

Life: ≥30000h

Model: Series F-M9

Color temperature: 6000K

Lumens: 8200lm

Power: 70W


- No need to find 12V docking.

- 400V~25KV direct docking.

- 100% pass Canbus.

- 100% matches original HID Ballast.

- This product directly interfaces with the original car HID ballast, truly achieves non-destructive upgrade, does not need to make any change to the line, does not damage the original car AFS and auxiliary functions, 100% decoding.

- Four sides of light, 360° without shadows.

- High brightness, M9 LED is +150% brighter than the original car HID, up to 4100lm.

- 0.01S is instantly bright, no delay, see the road condition early.

- Long life, up to 30000 hours of life, 10 times that of HID.


Preparation before upgrading

1. Tip: When upgrading the model where the original car is a HID light source, ensure that the HID ballast of the original car is working normally.

2. The simple judgment method is: the HID bulb of the original car can be normally lit for 20 minutes, and there is no flashing or extinguishing phenomenon in the middle, that is, a qualified HID ballast.

3. If the original HID ballast has failed, please contact our dealer and we will provide you with another solution.



1. This product is suitable for upgrading the model of the original car with HID Xenon lamp function, and is not suitable for upgrading the halogen lamp model.

2. This product is not suitable for non- original or larger than 35W HID xenon lamp system.


Package Included:
2 x LED car light

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