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  1. 22 inch Triple Row Straight LED Light Bar 120W
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  2. (2pcs/set) 4 Inch 18W Flood/Spot Beam LED Work White Light
    As low as $35.64
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  3. 12''/20'' Dual Row LED Work Light Bar Flood & Spot Beam
    As low as $49.99
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  4. 5 inch 40W Rectangle Flood Beam LED Work Light
    Special Price $24.99 was $46.99
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  5. 4 inch 20W Flood Beam LED Work Light
    Special Price $19.99 was $42.99
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  6. 22-54 inch 5D-SERIES LED Light Bar Combo Projector Lens
    As low as $61.99
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  7. (2pcs/set) 4'' 18W Flood /Spot beam off road led work light bar white light
    As low as $24.99
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  8. 5'' 24W Flood beam all sides reflector led work light White light bar
    As low as $18.99
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  9. 9'' 54W Dual row flood/ spot beam off road led work light White light
    As low as $23.99
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  10. 7'' 36W Dual row flood/ spot beam off road led work light bar White light
    As low as $41.99
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  11. 6inch 12W Plastic Housing Flood Beam LED Work Light Bar
    Special Price $15.50 was $30.99
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  12. 4inch 15W Plastic Housing Flood Beam LED Work Light Bar
    Special Price $19.99 was $35.99
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Auxbeam began to provide high quality LED light bar since 2008. Auxbeam strikes to make LED light bar in high quality but in affordable price. There are different types of LED light bars in various size and functions. There is always one light bar fit for your vehicle. 


Consists of aluminum alloy shell for better dissipation effect, Auxbeam LED light bars are installed with high quality LED bulbs inside. LED light bars provided by Auxbeam are of low power consumption and featured with their delicate lens design. With their good performance of waterproof, dust-proof and quake-proof functions, they can work in rainy weather or in the other bad environment.



LED light bar can be used in different vehicles, especially light bars for trucks. Driving your truck with Auxbeam LED light bar can help you see clearly at night. Auxbeam led light bars are extremely bright, providing lights that cover your viewing angle of complete 180 degrees for your truck.


Auxbeam places great emphasis on customers’ satisfaction and our service. To achieve that goal, Auxbeam began the process of making vehicle affordable and high quality LED light bar in the support of many professional and technical personnel.

Auxbeam light bars have various function and in different designs. Auxbeam 5D Series LED light barV-series RGB LED light bar, and aux-trend series are different from each other. Also, Auxbeam will have some promotion on different products in different months. Check our promotion page to know more.

There are some features to help you choose the best LED light bar below.


Different off road light bars can give out different beam pattern due to the lens inside the light bars. There are mainly toe kinds of lens types--projector lens and reflector cups.

Reflector lens are mainly used in most light bars which looks like a cup for each LED. LED light bar using reflector cups can give out more flood beam. Auxbeam has some classic LED light bars used the reflector cup as lens, which are really affordable and favored by many customers.

Projector lens are newly applied in LED light bar. With Projector lens, the light bar can give out perfect spot beam, as light is projector by the round optical lens. Thus, there is no useless light scatter around. Auxbeam 5D seriesV-series LED light bars are mainly used projector lens. 


CREE is a popular US LED brand which provide high quality LED chips. Most Auxbeam LED light bars use CREE LEDs in medium price as the light source, which will not add no the customers’ cost.

PHILIPS LEDs belongs to Philips Lumileds, which is the world's leading high-power LED lighting solutions provider. PHILIPS provides different high power lighting solutions for roads, industrial office, entertainment and more. Auxbeam also applies PHILIPS LEDs to make our high power LED light bars.


Pure White LED Light Bar

Auxbeam mainly makes the color temperature of each LED light bar can basically reach to 6000-6500K, demonstrating the color of the light as pure white or cold white. If you want to select different beam modes, those of spot beam, flood beam or combo modes are optional in some of the light bars we offer.

RGB LED Light Bar

Auxbeam V-series LED light bar is a very cool series which light bars included can give out light in different colors. You can choose the light color and the light can change following the music you prefer. Auxbeam also got some different RGB lights for you to choose.

DRL(Atmosphere Function)

Each vehicle has the DRL in the headlight to use in the daytime, so its full name is daytime running light. Auxbeam also has got the DRL function in the light bars, you can also call it the atmosphere light. The DRL or atmosphere light is not as bright as the main light bar, but it can be light up in the place where there is light on and will not make glare to the oncoming vehicles. Auxbeam Cross-seriesCross-2 series and Aux-trends LED light bars are designed with this technology. You can have a try.


The installation of Auxbeam LED light bars is easy, they usually come with several slip or firm baskets provided for you. Auxbeam have different price range of light bars, from as low as 10 USD each to a few hundred dollars. Anyway, you can choose a reasonable price and high quality light bars among the products we provide to you.