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Prize Pond
Photo Rules
1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
3rd Prize:
4th Prize:
5th Prize:
How to take part in our monthly photo contest?
Submit your best photos to Auxbeam, it's extra cool if you make it with an Auxbeam Product(s). The monthly 5 winners list will be published on our social media, winners can choose one prize in the pond according to your place.
We will choose the winners based on the following:
1. Preference if you make it with Auxbeam Product (30%)
2. Total likes received on social medias (50%)
3. Votes received from Auxbeam staffs (20%)
Tips to win:
Free gift as a reward for one lucky participant every week.
Make sure you follow all the requirements, tell your friends to vote for you! .
Share our contest/ Invite your friends to join on social media can win a $5 gift card.
For your information, all submitted photos must be uploaded on any of the 3 social medias (Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram).
If your photo includes Auxbeam product(s), please inform us which one.
All photos must be original from the work of the person making the submission or you will be disqualified.
All photos submitted may be used directly for advertising and marketing purposes. By submitting a photo, you authorize Auxbeam to publish your image(s).
You must add hashtag #auxbeam in your photo so we can collect your entry.
Participants are allowed to upload multiple entries, there is no submission limit; however each entry must be different and represents a separate product, likes cannot be combined among your entries.
Photo contest will be started monthly, the 2st round ends on 30th Apr.
There will be a poll on Facebook since 24th Apr. – 30th Apr. to decide the places within 5 winners.
After the Facebook poll to decide the places, winners can choose one prize in the pond according to your place.
In the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded to the participant with the earlier submission date/time.
Winners will be notified via email within 5 business days after the contest has ended. Winners who receive an email notification must respond to it within a week after the campaign has closed, if not, the prize will be forfeited.
The $5 gift card for lucky participants will be issued and expired within 30 days.
Any questions, please email directly.
Please choose social media to join and win
Photos Collected
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