Universal On-Off Control 8 Switch Panel Electronic Relay System

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Working Voltage DC 12-24V
Switch Operation On-OFF
Power Switch Type Press Button
With/Without Light Sensor Without
Packing Size (L*W*H) & Numbers 31.5*41.5*42cm--10pcs

Input Voltage : 12-24V
DC Voltage: 30A
Rated voltage:12V 20A / 24V 10A
Operating temperature: -25°-80°
Waterproof rating: IP65

Installation Guide:
Total power will go to 600w at 12V, 1200W at 24V and the maximum current is 60A.
The maximum output current of groud 1 & 2 is 30A, the maximum output current of ground 3-8 is 20A. The recommended connection method is to decrease the current gradually from groud 1 to 8 groud.
Make sure all the lamps are connected before connecting the power cable.

Guideline for connecting the red, yellow and white control cables:
1. The red cable connects the master switch power cable to the ACC. If you want to light up the LED lamps before the car start-up, please connect the recommended because the higher the power is, the more the power of the battery will be consumed.
2. The yellow cable connects the width lamp to the master switch panel.
3. The white cable is the panel light brightness control cable. It can control 3 brightness levels by each switching. You can disconnect the white cable in order to have the most brightness switch panel if required.

Package Included:
1 Set of 8 Gang on-off Control Switch Panel

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