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I have owned and seen all kinds of lightbars. I was so excited to get this thing and install it on my commander. Once I installed it I left it inside my metal container and waited until I went hog hunting To see what it would do. I finally made it hog hunting to see what this light was capable of. My other tuff stuff seemed okay and I was happy with it, at the time it leaked from day one so moisture got inside and after a couple months it took a crap. So back to this light they claim that it is 40,000 lm. Well I imagine that they are right I have never seen a lightbar cast a beam five and 600 yards with ease this thing is so freaking awesome it is unreal I promise you it is Well built.
If you are reading my review thank you but at the same time you should be ordering one of these lights I will also be ordering another one for my pick up truck I'm going to order the 50 inch curved which has 48,000 lm.

On another note... The LEDs that are in this thing are not Cree.....they are osram chip LEDs.. They are 5 watts a piece instead of 3 watts. Do some research on osram LEDs...to me they are way better and brighter.....

I give this like 10 stars....thank you so much auxbeam

Been using them for a few months now with no problems. Good price, bright light.
AWESOME!!!! Brighter than expected, fast shipping, great price. VERY GOOD SELLER
delivered on time and work great... The only minor problem was the mounting bracket was too wide for the light fixture. Simple fix was to place a washer in between so that it could be properly tightened up.
bright little lights they work great for my flatbed when im hooking up trailers
love this light bar. wish the correct brackets came with it. but i understand to keep the cost down the brackets are sold seperately.

This light is extremely bright and good quality. It is waterproof!!!Quick shipping & sufficient packing of product. The light was installed on my 2015 CanAm Commander with no issues. With the adjustable light mounts, I installed it to the existing holes used to mount my factory roof. One night we got caught in a bad thunderstorm. Rained 1.5 inches in 30 minutes, light stayed on, had no issues with the weather.


It was shipped to me in less then a week. When I received the package I was scared because the box was damaged but the packing was great. Not even a scratch on the light. I installed it and love it. Its very bright and easy to install and adjust. The only bad thing is it doesn't come with the wiring set up. Other then that, amazing light.
Very nice, compact and really bright
Light bar works awesome and is really bright. It was shipped to my house on time as well. Can't complain one bit. Seems to be a good quality product so far and hasn't showed any signs of moisture on the inside of the lens so it's seems pretty water tight unlike other less expensive light bars out there.
Well worth the 58 dollars. It's crazy how much brighter this light is compared to your headlight. Definitely going to be getting a other one for my dad for father's day!!

Great product so far. Brand of the light bar I received was Auxbeam. The end attachment points were plugged with a rubber plug, so make sure to pop that out if you are going to use them. Light output is good. I bought an opt7 wiring harness with fuse and relay and it works great. Overall I am very satisfied.



Very good light bar for the price! It was much brighter than I was expecting. It did not come with instructions but wasn't hard to figure out. I installed the light bar on my bull bar on my 2001 Dodge Ram, fit perfectly in the existing holes for lights. I just installed a 10 amp fuse and a regular toggle switch in the cab. No issues to report but I haven't ran them for more than 10 minutes at a time. Don't think you can drive down the highway with these on, much too bright! I would post a picture but none I've seen on here would do them justice and I'm sure mine wouldn't either. They really just don't show just how far the LEDs throw the light. If they fail anytime soon I'll update this post. It seem to be pretty well built with a copper pig tail and all. I'm happy. I'm sure you will be too.
****Update 5/20/15 I've been through the car wash a couple of times and drove in the rain several times with no water issues. I didn't silicone anything like I read others did or talked about. Don't drive with this on in traffic! You'll put them in the ditch! I'd put one on my 2011 Tahoe if I thought I could make it look good and not stand out.