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Submit your photos or video for a chance to receive up to $30!AuxBeam will select the pictures or videos sent to us from you our valued customers, the pictures or video stand out will receive $10, but the pictures with interpretation videos together will receive $30, the awards can be used for any AuxBeam product or sent to your paypal account directly.

Please note:

1.Pictures must be taken clearly and show us the front, back and sides of AuxBeam products, you may check the below pictures for reference.

Share Your PhotosShare Your Photos

Share Your PhotosShare Your Photos

2.Videos must be made clearly, it can show us how AuxBeam products looks perfect on your vehicle, how you enjoy our products or how you install them etc. the videos with interpretation will receive $20, which is $10 more than only video without interpretation, you are required to upload a video longer than 3 minutes.

Participation is simple:

1.Email pictures or video of your car, motorcycle or boat etc. with AuxBeam products installed to sales@auxbeam.com.

2.You may also tag us in your video or photo in facebook and email us the URL link.

3.Please put "Share Your Photos/Video--YOUR NAME" in the subject line of the e-mail for fast processing. Also include your original order number in your email. (If you cannot find it, please let us know the shipping address so we can look it up for you).

4.Once AuxBeam select out the pictures or the videos, we will send the notification to the person who receives the award.

A few tips for better light effects:

1.Cameras usually take better photos than cellphones. If possible, a DSRL camera would be awesome!

2.A distant background (city skyline, sunset, street, snowfield and outdoors etc.) can always make your vehicle stand out.

3.Low ISO (100-200) setting plus a tripod are strongly recommended.

When you e-mail us the pictures or video, that means you are giving AuxBeam permission to use that photos on our website or any other type of media we choose. AuxBeam reserves the right for this referrence.