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Kyle Juarez
After installing this and using it I really like it. Seems to to be well made and feels nice and hefty when you're holding it. It comes with some basic (but appropriate) mounting brackets that I attached to my 2004 Chevy Tahoe bumper. I used a OPT7 off road LED light bar relay which worked perfectly. The light bar is crazy bright and I would highly recommend it. One of the nice features with that relay is that the vehicle does not need to be turned on or even have the key inserted to turn on the light bar. Anyway, if you're looking for a curved LED light bar this one will definitely do the trick.


Best field view. Especially in enclosed wooded areas. I'd recommend getting spotlights for straight ahead beams as the intensity of the light drops off after 100 yards. Otherwise, it's a great light. Nested perfectly in my 06 ram 1500 bumper. Draws 25 amps. I'd be careful attaching it to a small car or sidebyside ATV. The alternator would have a tough time keeping up with it.

travis league

This is a great light bar! Super bright! Literally turns night into day on every trail. On a wide open highway, it'll light up a solid 75-100 yds clear as day. Saw a review or two with moisture on here and made me a little hesitant but I have had ZERO problems with mine. A small dent on one of the rear fins but I put that side facing down so you don't event know its there. This is the best light bar to get without breaking the bank. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a light bar.


My Son Matthew Humphries, my daughter Stephanie Humphries and I rebuilt this MAX-IV 6 Wheeler from the frame up! And topped it off with your 6" LED lights on the roll bar front & back. They are SUPER bright!!! We use this vehicle for ice fishing and generally having a blast on the ice! Thanks for letting me post! Gary from Michigan.


The shipping was pretty quick, the light itself is extremely bright! Great price.


I bought this light to replace the two incandescent trail lamps on my Jeep Wrangler. The difference in illumination is amazing . A pure white light that made the old lights look like oil lamps. The one light mounted on my front bumper does a far better job of lighting the road ahead & 20ft on both sides of a 2 lane than my high beams do. The two mounts slide along the full length of a channel in the light making mounting easy. They will also rotate through the vertical about 60 degrees. The assembly is first rate & the weather sealing appears quite good . I tested it at the car wash with a hand wand.


Eddie J. Merrill

Miran Bevc
 Everything seems perfect. The light output seems great.
I haven't installed it on my car yet, I'm quite busy with my job at the time.
As soon as I'll install it, I'll send you some pictures. Now just some trial photos of positioning of the LED bar on the car. It matches perfectly the curve of the radiator grill. Great!!
And curved shape spreads the light beam, which seems just what I was looking for..
Thank you once again for your good will and understanding.

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